Friday, October 26, 2007

Am I ready for this?

My husband and 11-year-old daughter are officially in Texas right now. My other two daughters (8 and 2 years) and I are still here in Georgia. How did this happen???? My husband grew up close to Ft. Worth Texas and moved here when he was 18. His parents still live there. Every year, he and his dad still go to Austin to watch a University of Texas football game. It has always been a father-son deal, but then this happened. We were coming home from church several weeks ago, and my husband asks, "who wants to go with me to the UT game this year?" Madison (11) and Cari (8) immediately said they wanted to go. (The 2-year old, Amelia, said she wanted to go too, but she always wants to go - anywhere, anytime.) Cari eventually changed her mind since she is really not much of a football fan at this time. Madison never wavered, and she has been so excited about going. I haven't really [been excited], but I tried not to let it show. I didn't want her to feel guilty about going, and I believe she and her dad will have a great time together this weekend.

They just called from the airport, and they are safely in the hands of his parents. (His mother is going with them to Austin, but she could care less about the football game. )

This is a "new" thing for me, as Madison has never been away from me for this long, but I'm sure we'll all make it just fine, and the younger girls and I have several activities planned to occupy our time while they're gone. They'll be back Sunday afternoon, so I guess you really can't call it "long." Next year, this will be a family trip. Five plane tickets were out of the question, but if we plan ahead of time, Brad can take a week off, and we can drive there. We did this last year and made a field trip out of it by going hiking and visiting parts of Texas we had not seen before. It was a lot of fun, so hopefully we can do that again next year. We had too many other things planned this year, so a week in October was not available.


Anonymous said...

My wife is a Godly woman whom I love. It was a lot for her to let us go, I know I could see it in her but she never let it "really" show. It is good for us to be together and so far it has been a time of sharing with one another and I have seen a little girl start to turn into a young lady.

(Rhonda's husband)

Anonymous said...

I think it is a great time for sharing between a daughter and her dad. I'm sure this will be a trip filled with memories they will always cherish. We will be praying for their safe trip home.
your friend,

Tina Butts said...


The seperation anxiety is so normal. I think Brad is SuperDad for giving his daughter one of the most memorable moments of her life. Way to go SuperMom for allowing them this time together!