Saturday, October 20, 2007

Where did that title come from?

Okay, I guess today is the first day of the rest of my blog life. I've been thinking about blogging for a while - for various reasons - but for other various reasons, I was hesitant to start. One of the reasons was a problem coming up with a title for a blog. I was having a hard time sleeping last night after my laptop computer and I had a serious fight. It ended with the laptop in critical condition (we'll be heading to the laptop ER hopefully sometime today). I was worried about all the things I would lose if it can't be recovered, not being able to do my transcription work, etc., and I was slowly getting more anxious about the situation when I realized, "what am I worrying about?" I decided it was best to leave the whole situation in God's hands, and that was the only way to get the peace I needed to go to sleep. If I lose my transcription job, I'm sure He has a reason for that. If I lose all those pictures, we'll make more, and most of them are on my husband's computer anyway. All those email addresses in my address book? Hopefully those people will email me again someday, and I'll add them to a new address book. It's going to be okay. Anyway, back to the title. After all that was cleared from my mind, I started thinking about blogging. Just before dozing off, I remember thinking also about how I long for a simpler lifestyle, and how my family is working toward that goal. Then the title hit me. The Path to Simplicity. I hope this blog will document our journey as we strive to live a simpler life where we can see more of Christ in our lives, home, and family, and so much less of this world and all its stuff! We may never end up in that farm house in the middle of nowhere with cows, chickens, and goats, but we can do our best to get as close to that in this little subdivision in North Georgia - excluding the cows, chickens, and goats of course as that would be against the rules! It's so important to remember that if you're not content where you are, then you'll never be content where you think you want to go.

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