Friday, November 16, 2007

Cleaning Recipes and other tidbits

In case anyone is interested, here is the site where I found the "recipes" for making your own household cleaning products.

There are some other good tips on there also. I was able to try out one of those tips last evening. Someone left a small, rectangular piece of hot pink paper on my kitchen countertop. This piece of paper got wet. When I threw this piece of paper in the trash, there was still a hot pink rectangle on my countertop. Remember, I threw away all of the toxic cleaners, so it sat there a while until I figured out what to do. Then I remembered that the above site had mentioned that baking soda was an abrasive cleaner. I tried it, and it worked! I had to let the soda "sit" on the stain for a few minutes, but with a little elbow grease, it came off just fine - and my head wasn't spinning afterwards from all the fumes as there weren't any!

I visited Dollar General yesterday to pick up some $1 spray bottles to put my concoctions in, and I noticed that they had a Mr. Clean cleaning mit. I had never seen one of these before. It appears similar to the Norwex except it's not antibacterial. It says it can be used for dusting and wiping smudges off of mirrors or furniture. It says it's washable and reusable. We'll see. With the texture and feel of it, I think it will be good for quick dusting.

While I'm talking about cleaning, I'm going to list a couple of my favorite cleaning tips.

For cleaning the microwave, this is very simple. Get a big bowl, like a mixing bowl, and fill it full of water. Place it in the microwave and let it "cook" for about 10 minutes. The heat and condensation will make everything loose, and all you'll have to do is wipe it clean!

I read the following tip somewhere the other day. I tried it, and it worked. In our bathroom, we have a separate shower and bathtub. The shower is hard to clean. You pretty much have to be in the shower to clean it. In the past, I would use those toxic cleaners to clean the soap scum and water buildup. In such a tight space, I would have to wear one of those protective masks. It was not fun. I saw where someone suggested using dishwashing liquid and a scrub brush for cleaning bathtubs and showers. I tried this, and it was so much easier. After rubbing the liquid on, it would have to stay in place for a few minutes, but the longer it sat, the easier it was to clean. My dishwashing liquid is not organic, but at least it did not have the fumes, and of course I wore gloves to protect my hands. (I can't remember if it was Ted Broer or Don Colbert, but in one of their books, they mentioned how a lady had blue dye showing up in her blood tests. They finally related it to her dishwashing liquid. Ever since reading that, I prefer to use gloves whenever I'm using dishwashing liquid.)


Angela McRae said...

Love the cleaning tips! And I am SUCH a fan of baking soda right now! The other day, I was trying to clean a glass baking dish that had baked-on cooking spray. Abrasive cleaners wouldn't get it off, but I decided to try baking soda, and it worked. Today, I found that one of my ironstone plates had a rust spot from where I'd left it in the dishwasher with a fork or something leaning against it. Again, baking soda removed the spot very easily.

Cari said...

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