Thursday, November 1, 2007

CVS Deals for w/o 10/29

I didn't do a lot of shopping at CVS this week. They had a few good deals but not much of anything I needed. I decided to save most of my Extra Bucks for another time. Since we're trying to be better stewards of the money that God gives us, I try to evaluate those purchases also. Even if it's free, if we're never going to use it or I don't know someone who will, it doesn't make since to purchase it. (A few weeks ago you could have purchased a blood glucose monitor for $20 and received $20 in Extra Bucks. I wasn't sure if my mother-in-law would appreciate that as a Christmas present, so I left it alone.) I could have gotten Soy Joy bars for free, but they just didn't look too appetizing. I ended up getting Rohto eye drops, two packages of Reese's Peanut Butter cups, and a pack of gum. I used $4 of my Extra Bucks, paid $3 out of pocket, and received $5.99 back in Extra Bucks.

Since the eye drops were free, this was a wonderful opportunity to pick up an extra bottle. My husband is the pastor of a small Southern Baptist church in Alabama. It's a very nice building, but there is something in there that he is allergic to. Often while he is preaching, one of his eyes will get very red and almost swell shut. Hence the need for the eye drops. As soon as we get home, his eye will be fine. We have no idea what is causing this, but it only happens at church. ?

I'm not usually one for purchasing a lot of junk food, but since we decided to stay home last night and not participate in any Halloween functions, we thought we'd treat everyone with some PBC. We went out to a Mexican restaurant, and then came home and played a game while we ate our candy.

Maybe there will be better deals next week, but I'm pleased with my purchases for this week since they all made sense, and I did get some more Extra Bucks to boot!

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