Friday, November 30, 2007


Isn't it great to have friends? I have some of the best. I was in the presence of some of my dearest friends the past couple of days. I have some wonderful friendships that I have formed in recent years, but I've mentioned before my "group" of childhood friends that I still see from time to time. One of these friends, Donna, called me on Wednesday morning to let me know that her dad had passed away on Tuesday evening as a result of the emphysema he had been suffering with for the past few years. My heart was so broken for her. I immediately got on the phone with the other girls, and we made plans to gather at the funeral home the following evening. We got there around 7 p.m. last night and stayed until around 9 p.m. We probably smothered her for two hours, but we stayed by her side the entire time. (I haven't mentioned that she is nine months' pregnant and is scheduled for a c-section on Wednesday.) Her ankles and feet were quite swollen, so she followed her husband's orders and sat down on one of the pews in the chapel and propped her feet up. One of us, Angie, is a nurse, and she massaged Donna's feet the entire two hours! Is that a dear friend or what? The swelling was noticably better when we left.

Those of us that could met this afternoon for the funeral. It is really heartbreaking to see a friend go through this, but her dad was a Christian, and that is always cause for hope. I know that this is something we're all going to have to face sooner or later, and I'm already thankful that they'll be there when I need them.

We're looking forward to meeting together again in the coming days in celebration of the blessed arrival - isn't God's timing awesome! I'm sure it will be bittersweet as she had really hoped that her dad could meet her new son, but what more could make your heart rejoice than to see the sweet face of that precious newborn.

Then we'll have our annual Christmas party at Terri's house the Friday before Christmas. She always has things decorated beautifully and has a fancy table set where we share a meal and afterwards exchange gifts and have a wonderful time.

We really don't spend that much time together. We're there for one another during moments of crisis or celebration. In fact, when Terri's precious dad passed away around 10 years ago, that is when this group of friends found each other again. We had gone our separate ways after some went to college, some got married, had children, etc. At that point, we began having our annual Christmas party and haven't looked back since! For instance, we were there when Tina was able to finish college after many obstacles being put in her path. They were there for me when my Amelia went through some difficulties when she was a week old (I'll have an upcoming post about that). We have been there for others during crises that I'll not post here.

These are not friendships that take a lot of time away from my family. As dear as they are, there's still no one I would rather spend time with than my husband and children. I'm sure they feel the same way. These are easy friendships. Who has time for complicated, high-maintenance friendships? Not me. If it's not easy, I don't have time at this point in life to invest in making friendships work. Either they work or they don't, and this one definitely does. Thanks girls! (I know some of you read my blog!)


Angela McRae said...

I'm so sorry to hear about Donna's father and will be sure to keep her family in my prayers. And yes, y'all ARE an unusually close bunch! So glad you're still there for each other after all these years. Love the image of Angie massaging feet at the funeral home. (Can I use that in my novel?) And I know what you mean about "easy" friends. I have just a few I can call easy friends, but boy, I love 'em. The high-maintenance ones are what another friend of mine calls "energy vampires." Amen!

Rhonda said...

I'm sure Angie and Donna wouldn't mind that being in your novel. Just be sure to get us all a copy when it's published!