Friday, November 2, 2007

The Manners Meal

We had a great time at our home yesterday with our homeschool friends. It was such an easy morning since we had accomplished so much earlier in the week. All we had to do was a little straightening up, add some finishing touches to the table settings, and make a run to Zaxby's to pick up our chicken finger platter.

When everyone arrived, we had a total of 13 children and six moms. We had places set for the children. I won't post pictures of our guests as I didn't ask permission, but here is a picture of one of the table settings:

Here's a picture of me and my girls that one of the other moms took for us:

After we made all our pictures, we gathered together in the living room to discuss table manners and proper etiquette. One of the things I mentioned is that in today's society, proper table manners are rarely used. I encouraged them to not be rude in doing so (like correcting others) but to lead by example. If they have good table manners, then maybe they can teach others how to have the same by "showing" them how its done. These children probably knew most of the things we discussed, but we had a good time going over the basic rules. For a resource, I used an excellent book that I have. It's called "Manners Made Easy." It's a workbook for student, parent, and teacher. It is written by June Hines Moore. It covers other areas of manners besides table manners and includes a Bible study for each section.
Next, the children found their places at their table (we had place cards), and then they sat down and enjoyed their meal while practicing their good manners.
Afterwards, most of them shed their dress clothes for play clothes and had an afternoon of playing. It's always great to give the children an opportunity to play, and of course we moms love our discussions and wonderful fellowship. God has truly blessed us with a wonderful group of families in this homeschool support group.

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