Tuesday, November 13, 2007

New beds

Amelia and Cari have new beds. They share a bedroom, and I wanted to find a matching set of twin beds for them or a full or queen size bed, whatever we came across first. My mother found these cute antique twin beds at a yard sale for $15 for both of them. My daddy worked on them with some glue and white paint, and I thought they turned out very nice. It's always kind of sad to me when the baby leaves the baby bed for the "big girl" bed, but she loves her new bed and is sleeping well in it.

Cari likes her new bed also. She doesn't really like to sleep by herself, but she is doing better with that in this new arrangement. She got to help choose their new bedspreads, which I think are pretty cute and simple. They did cost more than the beds did but were still a good buy.

As an aside, I used to not care for antiques, but I've recently grown more fond of them. They have such character and I love to think about how they were used and who may have used them in the past - during a simpler time. I guess that's the main reason I've started to like antiques. They remind me of a time when lives were not so hectic and busy. Of course, there were no epidurals for childbirth or automatic dishwashers, etc., but that's beside the point. :>)

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