Thursday, November 8, 2007

No CVS Deals for this Week/Couponing

I didn't make it to CVS this week for any deals. I just didn't see anything I couldn't live without. Since my ExtraBucks don't expire for a couple of more weeks, I'm going to hold out for next week.

The couponing at the grocery store is still going very well. I thank God for His wonderful provision in this area. With the coupons, I'm able to buy so much extra, the cabinets are quite full right now. I shouldn't have to buy much this week at all. Last week, I still was able to come in about $15 under budget, and I even purchased things like socks, hair styling products, and a few other extras! (Also, our church "pounded" us last Sunday for Pastor Appreciation Day, so I am well-stocked on paper products and pantry items. In case you're not familiar with the word "pounded," it's where everyone brings us pantry and staple items. Didn't want you to think we're a strange Baptist church where the members are allowed to hit the pastor! Anyway, it's a tremendous blessing. The last time they did this was October of 2006. I didn't have to buy paper towels again until September of 2007!)

One more thing - I wanted to mention this about the hair styling products. My hair is curly, but sometimes I like to straighten it with a flat iron. I was using expensive styling products for this (actually purchasing most of them on EBay but still expensive), so I decided I would try to see if any of the cheaper versions worked. I know that can add up if you buy a lot of stuff you won't use, but I have a daughter who will use it if I don't. Normally I would use one of the silk-based products that keeps away frizz and adds shine. I tried one product a few weeks ago - didn't work. I tried again this past Saturday, and I actually found something that worked for around $4! It's called Fx Silk Drops, and I found it in the styling products section at Wal-Mart. Sometimes the name brand is going to be best and you'll just waste money trying something different, but sometimes it can pay off and you can find another way to cut costs and save money!

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