Wednesday, November 7, 2007

November Newsletter

I put together a little monthly newsletter for our homeschool group to keep everyone aware of what is going on. I usually try to write an article for the first page. Since I'm a little short on time today, I'm going to post the article that I wrote for this month.
What else could I write on in November except for Thankfulness? I have so much to be thankful for, and here is just a short list.

I’m thankful for my family. God has blessed me with a wonderful husband who loves the Lord and is always seeking God’s will for our lives. He does whatever he can to provide for us so I can stay home and care for and teach our children. God has blessed us with three terrific little girls (Can I still say "little"? I’m sure I can with Amelia. Not sure about the other two.) who are so very different but are such blessings. They have each added so much joy to our lives. I’m thankful for my Christian parents who did their best to give me a Christian home and anything I ever needed. I’m thankful for my sister who, by the way, was the one who actually first put the idea in my head about homeschooling.

I’m thankful for my wonderful friends who are like family. I have a small group of friends (there are eight of us) that I went to school with (some of them since kindergarten), and we still remain close today. Some would think it silly that school friends would still spend time together, but I don’t look at them as friends. I see them as a part of my family. I’m thankful for my new friends that I’ve met in recent years, especially my homeschooling friends from whom I have learned so much. I’m so glad that you are here to talk to because no one else would understand what we homeschooling moms go through sometimes. I’m thankful for my church friends and family. My husband is a pastor, and our church is so good to us. We don’t deserve all that they do for us, but I am thankful.

I’m so thankful that I live in America.

I’m thankful for the material things that God has blessed us with like our home, our vehicles to get us to our many activities and errands, nutritious food, clothes to wear, and a warm, comfy bed to sleep in at night.

Most of all, I’m thankful for Jesus. He is the glue that binds all of these other things together. Without Him, there would not be any reason to be thankful. Sometimes He gives us reminders to be thankful. I received one this past weekend, and I’m going to share it with you. The story is as follows.

I was talking with my sister, and she was telling me of a memorial service she was going to attend on Sunday. It was for a friend of hers, Karen, who had passed away last week after a few years of dealing with breast cancer. The lump in my throat swelled until I just couldn’t help but cry as she was talking. Karen was a homeschool mom of five children ranging in age from 12 down to 3 or 4. I only met her briefly at one of my sister’s wedding showers last year, but she sounds like she was an amazing woman. She and her husband had the attitude during her sickness that they were going to glorify God no matter what happened. They wanted God’s will to be done, even if it meant her healing would only come through leaving this life. Sounds like she had a heart of thankfulness. As my sister talked, I heard stories of God answering prayers throughout this sickness. I’m thankful He does that, too. Even during our hardest times, He is so gracious to be there with us and comfort us. When Karen first got sick, her oldest son prayed that the youngest son would have the opportunity to know his mother. As she lay in the hospital bed last week, the dad was holding the youngest nearby and pointing at his mom asked, "Who’s that?" The young son said, "That’s momma." God answered his older brother’s prayer.

I have to mention another touching moment she told me about. This couple was married on September 11th. They had a policy of always trying to call each other at 9:11 if they were away from one another. God chose to take her home with Him at 9:11. What a way for God to honor her husband in such a sad time. God is so good to us, and He loves us so much. Even during the most difficult of times, if we’re trusting in Him, He shows us how much He loves us. I’m so thankful for that.

I didn’t share the above story to make you sad but just to remind us all how thankful we need to be each day and how we don’t need to take anything for granted. My sister also shared that at one of Karen’s last doctor visits, they were getting ready to leave, and there was another lady ahead of them in line. She was arguing with the people at the front desk because they were making her come back in January. She told them she just didn’t have time and wondered why she was having to come back so soon. Karen and her husband laughed about this and spoke of how people can look at things from such different perspectives. I’m sure Karen would have loved to have been told she could come back in three months, but this lady was not at all happy about that. I pray that this story will encourage you and me to be more like Karen and not the other lady. It may have just been her way of dealing with what she was going through, but it doesn’t sound at all like the other lady had a heart of thankfulness. May that be our ultimate goal at all times – to have a heart of thankfulness in all situations. I think our lives, our homes, and our home schools will be better for it.

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Angela McRae said...

Oh, today you made your big sister tear up, bigtime! And may I just say I am very thankful for you and your family, and I'm very proud of the lovely Christian woman you are today. You teach me a lot!
I love you! Angela