Monday, November 12, 2007

Where am I, and what just happened?!

This was one crazy (but fun) weekend. I wish someone were having a contest for the busiest mom. I probably wouldn't win, but I would have to come close. Let's see if I can document this whole fiasco!

I'll start with Thursday. We completed our school work by lunchtime on Thursday, so we went to our local rec. dept. gym to let the girls play with other children in our group. We left at 3:00, and I came home and began rounding up stuff for a yard sale on Saturday. Afterwards, I thawed some chicken wings for supper (remember the $.99/pack wings I bought a couple of weeks ago?). When I opened the package, I just wasn't sure about the smell. Wasn't that bad and could have just been normal chicken smell, but I dumped them just in case. I was short on time at this point, so I cooked a lasagna box meal that someone from church had given us at our "pounding." The kids ate a little bit, but I just couldn't bring myself to try it. I ate a salad, and Brad had a sandwich. Then we went to Sweet Tooth for an ice cream, and that made it all better. Around 9:00, I started checking to see if I had work for the evening. There wasn't any, and I was very glad about that as we had to get up early for a field trip on Friday morning. I checked back around 10:00, and this time there was work. I knew I'd have to stay up to get it done because there would be no time on Friday. Amelia wanted me to rock her, and as usual, I rocked myself to sleep also. I woke up around 11:30 and put her in bed, and then I went to work. They sent me a doctor I wasn't used to typing, so it took me a little longer. I finished around 2:00 and then went to bed.

The alarm clock went off way too soon at 6:00. We were all dressed and ready to go at 7:15 and met our friends at 7:30 in town to caravan to the field trip. We needed to be in Sharpsburg at 9:00, so we were well on track. When we were getting close, I realized it was getting hot in the car. I mentioned to the mom that was riding with me that Amelia sometimes gets car sick if it's too warm, so I started trying to cool things down. Obviously, I didn't start trying soon enough. About five minutes from our destination, it happened. I rapidly pulled in the first road I could get to, and it turned out to be a subdivision. I'm sure we were quite a sight lined up down their road running around frantically! I told Cari and her friend that they could go ride with her friend's mom, and they were out the door before I could finish the sentence. I cleaned things up as well as I could, and then we were off again. I didn't bring her a change of clothes, so since I was leading the pack, I got everyone to the school where we were going, and then Amelia and I took off to find Wal-Mart in nearby Peachtree City. (Whoever the initial city planner was for Peachtree City must have loved the game Hide and Go Seek. It was my second time to be in that town, and my second time to get lost trying to find something. My sister lives nearby, so I called her and she led me to Wal-Mart where we purchased a new outfit and cleaned and changed in their restroom. ) By now, it was 9:00, and the conference had started.

Our field trip was an Answers in Genesis Creation Conference, and I made it back by 9:30, missing half of the first session. The speaker was Dr. Donald DeYoung. He has written many books and has been a Christian speaker for I think he said 40 years. He had such a pleasant voice and was very easy to listen to. We went to two classes. The first was on the days of creation and was very elementary - like 3rd grade and under, but they all enjoyed it. They said I missed the best part. When it was over, we had a three-hour break, so we went to Chick-Fil-A and ate lunch and then let the children play. We then got back to the school at 12:30, and the next class began at 1:00. It was on dinosaurs and was very interesting. He used the book of Job in the Bible to discuss some of his points, and I found it very informative. I purchased a subscription to their Answers magazine and received a free DVD. I also got Amelia a creation book w/CD for a Christmas present. The conference was over at 3:00 and we headed home.

Madison and Cari brought home two friends from the conference for a sleepover. When we left the conference, we went straight to my parents' home to let Amelia spend the night, so she wouldn't have to deal with the yard sale on Saturday. After that, we came home, and I began making out the grocery list since I would need to go on Friday night instead of Saturday morning because of the yard sale. Thankfully, Brad ordered pizza for everyone, so I didn't have to cook. As soon as he got home, I went to the grocery store and got back home around 8:00. I ate supper, and then we loaded up the truck with all the yard sale stuff. Soon after, I fell into bed as I was exhausted and could no longer think straight.

I felt much better Saturday morning. I got up quickly and got dressed, ate a little breakfast, and, most importantly, I took my vitamins! I knew I'd never make it through the day without them. We had fun with our friends at the yardsale and got rid of some stuff. I made it back home around 2:00. The house was a mess. I couldn't blame it on the sleepover as it was that way before the company arrived, and these girls are not mess makers. I didn't have the energy to clean anything on Friday, so I saved it for Saturday afternoon. I had to kick things into high gear as we were having a baby shower at our home at 6:00! I was actually "running" from this job to that one. Not to mention, I had to make cupcakes and brownies (everyone else was bringing the food for our meal) and somewhere find time to get dressed. It was nothing short of a miracle, and I thank God for helping me get everything done. My girls and husband were a big help, too. Everything was ready by 5:30, and I had even had time to put a hair color on my hair! (I'm only 35 years old - too young to let the gray show through just yet!) We had an enjoyable time with our friends, and the last couple left around 9:30. Within an hour we were all asleep.

I know everyone has days like that, but thankfully we don't have a lot of weekends like this one around here. Sometimes there are many things you want to do, so you just make it happen. On Thursday, I had started thinking about all I needed to do over the next few days, and I started feeling very anxious. I then made a plan to just do one thing at a time and not even think about anything else that was going to happen next. I prayed for wisdom regarding the best way to get all these things accomplished. That plan worked very well and saved me lots of stress. The big picture would have been too overwhelming, but just taking care of a piece at a time worked wonderfully. (Yesterday, when I was getting our lunch ready after church, I looked in the pantry and saw a bag of Fritos. That reminded me that I had planned to make a taco salad for the baby shower, but that thought never crossed my mind on Saturday! I wonder why?)

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