Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas in Pictures

My family and I had a wonderful Christmas, and I certainly hope that you and yours did, too. Today, I'll be beginning to take down the decorations and continue with the cleaning out/organizing and putting up of gifts. But before I get busy with that, here are some pictures from our celebrations.

Here is a picture of my friends at Terri's house from our annual Christmas party last Friday night. Note there is an extra person in the photo this year with Donna holding her precious new baby boy! My highlight of the evening was getting to hold him for a while.

Evidently we had some guests I didn't know about sometime during the week. Not sure where they came from or who took this picture.... :>)

Here are the girls on Christmas morning. We did something different this year after getting the idea from my friend, Fran. Beginning on Saturday before Christmas, we let the girls open one gift. Saturday and Sunday, we made a game out of it. The gifts were hidden, and on Saturday they had a treasure hunt with clues to find the gifts. On Sunday, they were allowed to ask one question or hint before they began looking for the gift. On Christmas Eve, we just let them open a gift. On Christmas morning, they wanted their gifts sitting out in the living room unwrapped, so we had the remainder of their presents waiting on them when they woke up around 7 o'clock on Christmas morning.

After the girls played with their gifts for a while, we went to my mom and dad's home for a wonderful Christmas lunch and opening of presents. Brad set up the tripod and was able to take a nice family photo, including our family, my mom, dad, and aunt, my sister and her husband, and my mother-in-law.

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