Thursday, December 13, 2007

Nursing Home Visit

Our homeschool group visited the local nursing home this morning. The children (and adults) sang Christmas carols to the residents, then the older children read scripture while younger children acted out the Christmas story, and then we sang some more. It was very nice and even performed without any practice beforehand! We handed out cards and candy and then visited the rooms of those who were not in the cafeteria while we were singing. It was an enjoyable morning, and hopefully we brightened someone's day in the process. They certainly brightened ours, although of course there are always the sad aspects of visiting the nursing home. It's not always easy to go into a place like that, but things worth doing are not always easy. We hope to be able to visit there more often in the future.

The girls and I spent a good part of yesterday making cards to take. We had a good time decorating with various notions. These cards were like snowflakes - not two alike!

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