Thursday, January 3, 2008

Decorating with Christmas Presents

I love to decorate our home and make it feel cozy. I don't have as much time to scope out the good deals as I used to, so I love it when I receive gifts that give me ideas. I received a couple of those this year. I won't be re-decorating around here since we may be moving, but I'm already thinking ahead to our next home - whenever and wherever that will be!

Here is a pretty rooster bowl that I received from a friend. I love toile patterns, especially the black and white. I thought this piece would inspire a very pretty kitchen. I have red walls in my kitchen now, and I really like that, so I would probably do that again. Although, I do like the shade of yellow that is in the bowl. Hmmm..... I was in a Home Goods store the other day and saw lots of beautiful black and white toile dishes, so I can only imagine the possibilities. And I could always sew some black and white toile curtains - or maybe find a good deal on EBay!

Then my sister gave me these adorable, vintage-looking, ready-t0-be-embroidered towels. They are soooo cute, and came with a nice embroidered envelope case. I thought they could possibly make for nice kitchen decorations also - sort of a Rachael Ray style I would think. But I don't think that would fit my overall taste. Then I thought, "why not a child's room?" I don't know if Amelia would agree, but she's too young to know the difference at this point! I think these would make for a good "cow jumping over the moon, dish running away with the spoon" type of theme.

A friend from church gave me this adorable teapot lady, and I think she would fit in rather nicely with the towels.

Talk about putting the cart before the horse! There's not even a for-sale sign in the yard yet and we haven't come close to finding where we want to move to. But I'm ready to decorate as soon as we get there!


Angela McRae said...

OK. You KNOW I want that Teapot Lady! So if you're tired of it by my birthday, that would make a lovely gift, don't you think? (If not, find out where your friend got it, please! Thanks!)

Rhonda said...

I'll see what I can do!