Monday, January 7, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

Saturday - Whenever we don't have any other plans on Saturday evening, Madison and Brad usually cook and try out a new recipe. We enjoy trying something new, so this is as nice as going out to eat. (We also usually watch a movie. We were going to watch Spiderman 3, but Brad wasn't sure about that after reading some reviews. So they went to the movie rental place while I cleaned up and came back with Mr. Bean's Holiday.......Let's just say I'm not a fan of Mr. Bean, but I don't guess it was the worst movie I ever saw. I just wish he'd talk more!) Our new recipe for the evening was Buffalo Turkey Burgers, and our meal looked just like the picture, complete with the potatoes, celery, carrots, and dipping sauce. It was really tasty!

Sunday - Applebee's Clubhouse Grill Sandwich (using only turkey) - This is a quick and easy meal that we enjoy often.

Monday - Lasagna and rolls.

Tuesday - Monterrey Beans and Rice, Sweet Potatoes

Wednesday - Creamy Potato Cheese Soup, Cornbread

Thursday - Applebee's Oriental Chicken Wraps - This is one of my favorite meals!

Friday - Whatever is left or Out to Eat

For more menu ideas, Visit Organizing Junkie!


Bonnie said...

The Oriental Chicken Wraps look really good !

Anonymous said...

Dear Rhonda,
Your meals sound yummy!!! Does your family have a set grocery budgett??? It seems even at walmart prices have gone up so much!! I am tryin to get a grip on stayin with old budgett with prices going up. good eats to you and yours--tammyp

Rhonda said...

Yes, we do have a grocery budget. Right now, it is $110/week. Used to be $140, but thanks to couponing, we've been able to lower that. I'm hoping to get even lower as I learn more. This past week I spent $105, but I added in some extras like socks and a few snack items I wouldn't ordinarily purchase. I know what you mean about even Wal-Mart prices going up! I've tried to cook with less meat and more vegs., cooking and creating menus from whatever is on sale for the week, and buying meat only when it is on sale (except when I buy organic ground beef - it's rarely on sale unless it's about to be out of date, but it's worth it to us to pay a little more. The butcher at Ingles knows I like organic, so he'll sometimes give me a great deal on organic chicken). I buy all of our meat from Ingles, and for instance, last week I got a huge pack of boneless chicken for $2.99 - enough for two different recipes! This has become a game, and grocery shopping is actually fun now! And did you happen to see all the coupons in yesterday's paper?? Wow!!!!

Anonymous said...

My husband did mention all the coupons and his response was WOW too!!!!: ) I have not looked at the paper yet,but now i think i better get to it :)!! We are a family of 6 and my oldest is an 18 year old boy who seems to *need* his big ole'(albeit)usually healthy snacks. My youngest is 6 and he eats often too,certainly not as big and big brother!!! I am tryin to plan a bit better ,we seem to get in ruts with our meals. Same things every month...
As for a budget i am havin trouble stickin to it. W/O pet food (we have cats, dogs, and chickens) it is about 150 a week. Sometimes less when the summer electric bill comes :0!!!! Does your family decide together the menu for the week???And is there an ingles around newnan???Thanks a bunch-tammyp

Rhonda said...

It seems like my sister told me the other day that there's not an Ingles in Newnan. I'm usually the one who decides what we eat for the week, but I always take into consideration everyone's likes and dislikes. Brad or Madison usually give me the menu for Saturday, but other than that, it's pretty much up to me unless someone makes a special request.