Monday, January 21, 2008

The Simple Home

Another book I’m reading right now is titled "The Simple Home" by Sharon Hanby-Robie. We were visiting with some new friends, and this book was sitting on their coffee table. My eyes were drawn to this book immediately because of the title and also because of the very simple yet eye-catching cover. It just shouted neatness and simplicity. I was asked if I would like to borrow this book, and of course, I said "yes"!

In her book, Mrs. Hanby-Robie says, "Our homes are the only environment over which we have control. As storms brew outside, our homes should be personal sanctuaries…. For most of us sanctuary is synonymous with simplicity." She goes on to say how cluttered homes can make it difficult to "maintain optimum spiritual health and peacefulness." I do agree. I admit I can feel a little stressed if I walk into the living room in the morning and can’t see the floor or when I’m emptying the dishwasher I have to push things around to make room in the cabinets or throw stuff in and shut the door quickly and run!

This week I plan to continue working towards my goal of getting rid of clutter. If we do get to move sometime this year, I want to go ahead and make that process easier by cleaning out as much as possible ahead of time. If we don’t get to move this year, it will still make this home easier to take care of.

I plan to work on my kitchen cabinets this week. I'll be baby-stepping my way (so to speak) through the cabinets, probably one or two a day. This morning I tackled the coffee/tea cabinet.

Here's the before picture:

The cups were everywhere, and coffee was mixed in with the tea - pretty much an unorganized mess. It didn't start out that way. My girls have the responsibility of putting up the dishes, and I guess I haven't done a very good job of telling them where I want things to go in this cabinet. We'll have to work on that.

Here's the "after" picture:

The "most used" cups went on the bottom shelf with the lesser used cups in the middle. I put all the coffee supplies on the middle cabinet. The top shelf is for sugar and tea. I had no idea how much tea I had! (Sorry, Angela! By the way, does tea expire? I don't know how long I've had some of it.)

Now back to the book, and a paragraph that sums up well my reasons for wanting to get my house in order:

"People want a home that is pretty enough for them to feel comfortable entertaining, and easy enough to care for so that they don’t feel like a slave to it. They want a place where family is nourished and friends feel welcome."

I think she read my mind!

Edit: Okay, after I posted this, I went over to Mrs. E's blog to see if she had any new posts. She did. I read it. I think I need to start over with my first cabinet....

(It's long but well worth reading.) (the post titled "A Dangerous Immune Disorder")


Angela McRae said...

REGARDING TEA TIMES: You know, the tea "experts" will tell you to toss tea that is more than two years old, but I have found it just varies from tea to tea. I've had some that tasted old after just a few months, and some I know is three or four years old and still tastes great. I say, keep it until it stops tasting good!

Anonymous said...

Hey Rhonda,
Thank you for the link! Man is it convicting!!! Looking at stuff in many perspectives ,not many of them turn out good. Idolitry--YIKES!! And just the clutter one thing upon another tends to create. We moved into our home in Aug., So much left to unpack and i don't even know what it is!!!! Anyway thanks for the heads up on the book and Mrs. E--very good to think on. tammyp