Friday, January 18, 2008

Triple Coupons!!

Ingles had triple coupons this week, and I certainly took advantage of that situation!! I didn't take a picture of all my good buys as I felt like that would be more trouble than it was worth, so I'm going to quickly list my purchases. We have a budget of $110/wk for our family of five, and I think I went over by $2. I didn't have to go over, as I added some things we could have done without, and I miscounted my total as I was shopping. (I had to pick up a few things at Wal-Mart, and that's when I went over.) We will definitely not eat all of this stuff this week. Some of it will be put aside for future weeks, and I gave a few items to my mother who always saves me her coupons. You can visit Money Saving Mom to see other deals for the week from some other frugal shoppers.

Most everything I bought was on sale along with the coupons, but I'm going to note the best deals.

Cinnamon Life Cereal - 2 boxes
Honey Nut Cheerios - 2 boxes
Fiber One Granola Bars - 3 boxes
Quaker Oatmeal - 1 box
Uncle Ben's Rice, assorted varieties - 9 boxes (total of $2.00 for all nine boxes after coupons!)
Nestle Tollhouse Morsels - 1 pkg.
Kosher Pickles - 1 jar ($.25 after coupons)
Peter Pan Peanut Butter - 3 jars (free + overage! On sale for $.88/each and had $1.00 off coupons for each)
Maple Syrup - 1 jar
Hellman's Mayo - 1 jar
Diced tomatoes - 2 cans
Healthy Request Condensed Soup - 4 cans
Organic corn - 1 can
Whole wheat bread - 1 pkg.
Crescent Rolls - 3 pkgs.
Orange juice - 1 92 oz. jug
Yoplait yogurt - 18 cups (total of $5.40 or $.30/each)
Cottonelle TP 4-pack - 2 pkgs. ($.78/each)
Viva paper towels - 2 pkgs. (free!)
Organic turkey bacon - 1 pkg.
Perdue Italian chicken strips - 1 pkg.
Boneless chuck roast - 1 pkg.
Boneless chicken tenders - 1 pkg.
Broccoli - 2 pkgs.
Pizza rolls - 1 pkg.
Whole Wheat Lean Pockets - 3 boxes ($1.00/each)
Slaw mix - 1 pkg.
Salad mix - 1 pkg.
Grapes - 2 lbs.
Breyers vanilla ice cream - 1 box
Bagels - 1 pkg.
Cream cheese - 1 container
Lay's chips and Pringles - 1 each
Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 1 container
Rotel tomatoes - 1 can
PB crackers - 1 pkg.
Turkey luncheon meat - 1 pkg.
Sharp cheese - 1 pkg.
Organic half/half - 2 containers
Organic milk - 1 gallon
Nestle Water - 1 pkg. of 12
Beef broth - 1 can
Green tea - 1 pkg.
Utility sponges - 2
Electrasol Dish Tablets - 1 pkg. ($0.63)
Gum - 2 packs

Needless to say, I'm going to spend Saturday morning getting this stuff organized. I am so thankful that God has led us to this better way of shopping and frugality, and grocery shopping is fun!


Anonymous said...

Wow good job!!!! And the snow we are so enjoying it too especially the children. The first time my just turned 6 yo has seen and played. A gift , and a joy to see.
The planner look fabulous. I have always just used a calander. Does a planner help you be more organized? I need ALL the help i can get. Hope you have a great white weekend together!!! : ) tammyp

Rhonda said...

This new planner is really helping with my organization. I also like that it has space for so much information. It's sort of like having a planner/journal/record keeping item all in one bundle!

Hope you all enjoyed the snow, too!