Monday, January 28, 2008

Two Meal Ideas

I'm not going to post my menu this week as it's pretty boring and simple - organic hotdogs, lasagna, etc. I did want to post a super soup recipe that we tried over the weekend. Nothing beats being at home with my family on a cold winter night enjoying a nice bowl of warm and spicy soup!

Supper Idea
The name of the soup is Zesty Mexican Soup. Not only is this soup delicious, it's good for you! It has all sorts of vegetables in it. The only changes we made to it were to add diced chicken (I had some chicken breast filets that I cut into bite-sized pieces and cooked in extra-virgin olive oil), and we did not use the pumpkin seeds. I also used canned chopped collard greens as this was much easier. To go along with it, I made some Mexican cornbread. Yummy!!

Lunch Idea
Also, I know we're always looking for quick and easy lunch ideas around here, so I thought I'd share one of our favorites. It's super easy and not expensive at all. We almost always have plain tortilla chips in the pantry, so we take these on a plate and sprinkle some shredded sharp cheese on top. (Note: I always buy the blocks of cheese and shred it myself to avoid the preservatives in the pre-shredded cheese.) We let it melt in the microwave for about 20 seconds. I then cook some refried beans on the stovetop (our local Ingles has delicious organic refried beans for about $.98/can) and put these on top of the cheese, and then lastly I add sour cream, which we usually have on hand also. That's how we usually do it, but today we happened to have some fresh spinach and a jar of salsa, so we added that on top as well. Onions, black olives, and tomatoes are also good toppings should you have any.


Anonymous said...

Hey Rhonda,
We do the chips and cheese thing too!!! Only we don't add much more than salsa, its still yummy and pleases my crowd!!! Also another idea we love is black beans(2cans), tomatoes (diced,petite 2cans),white corn (1can), TBS chili pwder,1tsp cumin. Simmer this in pot for maybe 5min. Eat with corn chips or in tortilla (we get W.W. from our coop) with cheese. Yummy cheep and good for ya!!! Hope yall are well! tammyp
Ps how did the going away lunch go??

Rhonda said...

That does sound yummy!

The going away lunch was delicious of course, but when the food was gone and it was time to leave, that was hard, terribly hard.