Tuesday, January 8, 2008

You're not going to believe this!

Have you ever been chased by a bat (the flying bat, not a baseball bat) at a basketball game? My daughter had a basketball game at an old dilapidated gym last night. I always dread going there (thankfully it's usually just once a year) as I am afraid there may be mice/rats under the bleachers, etc. But I never expected bats to be in the building. The girls started playing and after a while I noticed something flying around close to the ceiling. I thought, "surely not." But it was. And I can't stand bats! They really creep me out, and I have no desire to be close to one. Actually, I pretty much don't like to touch or get near anything that flies, especially if it carries rabies. During half-time, it went somewhere as I guess the noise was much less. When the second half started, here it came again, but this time it was swooping down onto the floor and the girls were actually ducking at times to keep from getting hit in the head by the bat! I was in panic mode. So I let out a scream and promptly left the gym and went in to the hallway while men were chasing this bat around with brooms and holding up shirts to throw on top of it. I heard a man say that they had killed a bat in there last week! Thankfully, the bat found a hole towards the top of the roof and made its way out and we were able to finish watching the game without fear of catching rabies.

Her team won, but Madison didn't get to play much last night. She had a game on Saturday and took a charge from a girl much bigger than her. Madison is pretty aggressive and isn't afraid to hold her ground in situations like that, but this is one time I wish she'd just moved out of the way. The other girl got the fowl called on her after knocking Madison flat on her back, but somehow Madison injured her wrist in the whole episode. We didn't go to the doctor as I wasn't sure how serious it really was, but after saying it hurt too much to play last night after going in for just a little while, I knew it must really be hurting because she really loves to play. I'll be making an appointment when the doctor's office opens this morning, and I just pray that it's not fractured or anything like that.

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