Friday, February 1, 2008

End of the Week Stuff

You'd think from the looks of my blog that I had a busy week. In fact, this was the slowest week I've had in years. We arrived home from church Sunday afternoon, and I did not leave the house again until Thursday afternoon! I was so ready to go somewhere, anywhere. We just didn't have any plans this week - my calendar was bare! We didn't go to church Wednesday night since Brad was at work, and the girls and I didn't want to venture out into new territory on our own just yet. The girls and I stayed home and had our own church. We started by singing some hymns, which Amelia just loved - the older two were a little unsure at first but eventually joined in also. Then we had a short lesson with the Instruction in Righteousness book from Doorposts. The girls enjoy doing art, so we went ahead and did an art lesson that we would have done during the day with our school work. We tried drawing a chickadee, and needless to say, lots of laughter accompanied this art lesson! I have to say that Cari's turned out the best, but it didn't quite look like the picture. It looked more like a bird you'd see on Looney Tunes rather than a chickadee, but it was cute.

Another reason we were home all week was because Madison didn't have ball practice or a ballgame until Thursday evening, which was unusual. She did get to play in the last two games of the season. In fact, amazingly she was the high scorer in her first game back, and her team won. The girl was ready to play! They also won their last game. She was on a great team, and they only lost two games the entire season. There's still the possibility of being on the All Star team, but we'll have to wait and see about that.

Madison getting her trophy last night

She has decided not to play softball this year unless we can find a church league or something of that nature. Our rec. dept. uses the pitching machine up to age 10. After that, it's live arm, and since the pitchers generally haven't had much training, you risk getting hit by the ball quite often and the games can be really slow. With that in mind, she really wasn't interested in playing.

This Tuesday, Madison and Cari are going to start having tennis lessons with our homeschool group. A local tennis coach has agreed to work with our group once a week, and I think it will be great for the kids (which there are a total of 16 participating in this) as far as exercise and learning a new sport. We went today and purchased tennis rackets, so we're all prepared for that now. I'm just hopeful that the weather will not be too cold!

I continued the kitchen clean out this week, and my pantry and refrigerator are now looking very nice and organized. I have just a few more cabinets to work on next week, and that project will be complete.

Lastly, once again this week, I have to testify to God's awesomeness and power! About three years ago, I did one of Beth Moore's Bible studies, "Believing God." It was a wonderful study and came at a perfect time in my life when a few months later I was placed in a position where I needed to believe God more than I ever had (I need to blog about that sometime). In this study, she made a statement that I have not forgotten. It was - "When you don't know what to believe God for in a certain situation, just believe Him to be Big!" He was certainly BIG in my life at that time, and I've been praying for Him to be Big again. Since January 1st, Brad has had some problems with his job at UPS, and we have not really known how to pray about it or what to pray for. On Monday, I remembered that saying, and I began praying for God to just be "big" in this situation and really show Himself to us through this circumstance. I realized that He was much bigger than the problem (even a large company like UPS is nothing compared to Him!), and like I said in my post on Tuesday, I was determined not to worry about it! I have to say that He showed Himself to be BIG in an amazing way. He strategically placed Brad where he needed to be today to see something that was not meant to be seen, and God was able to work it out for our good. I wish I could explain what happened, but someone could actually get in really big trouble for what took place. Brad could really take advantage of this situation, but he doesn't want to take any of the credit for what God performed. He knows that this was all about God taking care of the situation, and he doesn't want to get in the way or appear prideful like he had something to do with it. This situation still may not be completely taken care of, but once again, God has met our needs in a way that only He could have. (I'll be glad to tell anyone in person, but I don't think it should be blasted over the internet.)

How do people get by without Christ in their lives??? I guess that's it - they're just getting by. As for me -

’Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus,
And to take Him at His Word;
Just to rest upon His promise,
And to know, “Thus says the Lord!”

Jesus, Jesus, how I trust Him!
How I’ve proved Him o’er and o’er
Jesus, Jesus, precious Jesus!
O for grace to trust Him more!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Rhonda,
Its Monday and i'm just catchin up on my readin. Sounds like you had a great week with your family (precious gift!)!!! I love that you got to worship together and enjoy each other. I also have been so thankful many times for my *I.I.R.* Doorpost book-so very helpful. Anyway wanted to say Hi and i agree It is so sweet to trust in Jesus. tammyp