Thursday, March 27, 2008

Visiting one of our favorite restaurants in Ft. Worth

When we arrived on Saturday morning, we pretty much rested/napped until around lunchtime. We then got ready later that afternoon to go eat at Joe T. Garcia's Mexican Restaurant in Ft. Worth, Texas. This is one of our favorite restaurants, and the atmosphere is as wonderful as the food. You have the choice of eating inside or outside, and we always prefer outside. Thankfully, the weather has always cooperated. There are beautiful fountains, flowers, shrubs, statues, and even a swimming pool to eat around! This is also one of those restaurants that has been featured on The Food Network. You have to get their early unless you enjoy waiting in a line the size of a Wal-Mart day-after-Thanksgiving-at-5 a.m. line! The food is served family style, and you only have two choices. If they had a menu, there's no way they could move people through the way they have to! The choices are enchiladas or fajitas. We went with the enchiladas. But first, they bring you tostadas covered in cheese and peppers along with chips and salsa. A few minutes later, here they come with the beans, rice, tacos, and enchiladas. YUMMY!!!! And, there is always a ton of food. There were eight of us, and we brought home two bags of leftovers!
After eating, we always go and take pictures around the gardens. I'll post some of those below. I sure could go for some of their chips and salsa right now!

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Angela McRae said...

That restaurant sounds great! Maybe Alex and I will visit Ft. Worth one day! Yum!