Monday, March 3, 2008

A Weekend of "Firsts"

We had a really nice weekend and enjoyed some new experiences - some of them anyway.

When I was purchasing all of my healthfood supplies last week, my oldest saw some of those ear candles that remove junk from your ears and wanted to give them a try. So, we purchased some and experimented with them on Saturday afternoon. She didn't really notice much of a difference, and I'm still not sure if what was in the candles afterwards was ear stuff or candle stuff. I had read that this could take the pressure off of your sinuses, and sure enough, she did wake up Sunday morning with her sinuses draining. That's not necessarily a good thing as she was left with the typical sore throat and ear popping that you get from such. I don't know if we're going to use those again.

Saturday evening, I had another first. My family and I went to a see a girls college basketball team play at a local university. We really enjoyed seeing the game - not too mention the super cheap tickets and concessions! I did find myself hoping the Alabama Huntsville team would win, but that didn't happen. Not that I really cared either way. The West Georgia Wolves had a pretty good team - I think they've only lost two games this season?

Then yesterday, we did not have a typical Sunday. My husband had been speaking with a pastor of a family-integrated church about two hours northeast of where we live. (This is the closest Baptist family-integrated church that we know of.) We are going to be meeting with some families in our area this Sunday, so we really wanted to see how this particular church functioned - just to feel more comfortable with what we're doing and to see how they do things. Their service did not start until 4:00 in the afternoon, so we slept late on Sunday, and then slowly got up and ate breakfast. I then fixed a real meal for lunch and then made a couple of other things to take to the fellowship meal that we'd be having afterwards. We left for church around 2:00 and arrived there at exactly 4:00. We had a wonderful time and absolutely loved fellowshipping and worshiping with these people. I got to experience singing the Psalms in a congregation setting, and the pastor preached a wonderful message. His message was a charge to families to spread their faith throughout their community, and many wonderful examples were given in how to do this. I was so blessed to see these families sitting together in the services and worshiping together. The children participated as much as the adults did - believe me, they were not left out. The pastor delivered his message in a way that made it easy for the children to understand, yet he was still able to give the adults what they needed to hear also.
It was truly a great day. Now we're even more excited about this Sunday!!

Now, I have another first I have to go experience. We haven't had dessert around here for a while, so my daughters were about to bust. I allowed Madison to make some homemade doughnuts, which we've never made before, so I'm going to go enjoy a delicious snack!


Anonymous said...

Hey Rhonda,
I am so glad your experience sunday was encouraging. I loved the family integrated style church and worship together experience we had. Pray sunday goes beautifully well and God is glorified. tammyp

Liz W. said...

I was at the UWG basketball game that night too!

Can't wait till Sunday...

Hope ya'll are having a wonderful week!