Thursday, April 24, 2008

Scenes from last night

We had our first ladies meeting at our home last night. Since it was the first meeting, I wanted it to be special. We probably won't do this every time, but for this night, we chose to do a little extra with refreshments. Special thanks to Madison for helping get the food ready and to Cari for watching Amelia while Madison and I were getting everything put together.

For beverages, we had hot tea available in several flavors, as well as cold sweet tea and lemonade. I absolutely cannot get enough lemonade nowadays. I tried the Country Time powdered lemonade, but for some reason, I would end up with a headache every time I would drink it. For the meeting, I bought some fresh lemons and made my own. It was just what I needed. When I first made it, Madison said it tasted like Chick-Fil-A's. For sweetening the lemonade, it's best to create a simple syrup of 1 cup of water and 3/4 cup of sugar. You simply let this boil on the stove until the sugar is dissolved. This is then added to 1 cup of fresh lemon juice and 4 cups of water. It was really good this way, but later I added a little extra water and pitched in some fresh lemon slices and these two things took away some of the sweetness and made it a little extra tart.

For our refreshments, we made the egg-olive sandwiches and cucumber sandwiches featured on my sister's blog from Cari's birthday party. We also made hot spinach and artichoke dip and a super simple dessert that I don't actually know the name of. Angela may have given me this recipe - I can't remember. It sort of tastes like lemon meringue pie, which is one of my favorite desserts. All you need is ginger snap cookies, cream cheese, and lemon curd jelly. Spread the cream cheese on the cookie and add a drop of lemon curd jelly to the top. The cookie softens as it sits, and that's when it really tastes like a bite of lemon meringue pie. I apologized that the food didn't really match and for all the lemons, olives, and spinach. I know that pregnancy cravings can be a little crazy sometimes!

All in all, it was a wonderful night, and I was so glad we were able to get together. The film we watched was awesome and held nothing back. I see why it won the award at the film festival. The discussion afterward was very interesting. I'll be looking forward to getting together once again and seeing the remainder of the film at our next meeting in May. We all know and realize that our instruction comes from the Lord and then our husbands, but it is great to get together and encourage and learn from one another.

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