Saturday, April 5, 2008

Time in the Kitchen Just Got a Little Bit Shorter!

I now know how Rachael Ray gets those meals cooked in 30 minutes. It's all about the knife!! If ever our TV is on during the day, you will usually find it on the Food Network. All of Rachael Ray's recipes don't always appeal to us, although some do, but we do always enjoy watching her chop those vegetables! Madison has been asking for a Furi knife for a while - the kind like Rachael uses. I had some extra spending money a few weeks ago, so I purchased the 7" size on Ebay. It was new and sealed in the package, and it was much cheaper than the Food Network store.

We received it last weekend, and we (well, mostly Madison - she's having way too much fun with this) have been chopping like crazy. I'm amazed at how much easier and quicker it is to prep for a meal now! I have one moderately sharp knife that I've used for years, but it's much smaller than this one. It has worked fine, and I've never really thought about getting anything else. Sometimes we just need to listen to our children!

For cutting chicken, I've always used kitchen shears as it was way too much trouble to use a knife unless the chicken was slightly frozen. I was making chicken nuggets one night this week, and I was actually getting to use the knife as Madison was not feeling well. With the chicken on the cutting board, I ran the knife through the chicken in a matter of seconds and quickly had strips. I just knew that the chicken close to the board wasn't cut through and that I'd have to do it again, but it was all the way through! I quickly made a few slices in the other direction and immediately had my nuggets - in less than a minute!

The knife is just the right size and weight, and the bright orange rubber? handle is very easy to grip. I'm very pleased, and I hope to purchase a couple more in the future in different sizes.

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