Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Field Trip: Atlanta Botanical Garden

We enjoyed home school day at the Atlanta Botanical Garden yesterday. We met some friends early for breakfast (6:30 a.m.) and afterwards headed to Atlanta. We arrived at the gardens around 8:30, which was thirty minutes early. That worked out great as we were the first ones in the *free* parking lot and were able to leisurely make our way to the ticket counter where we were of the first to purchase tickets. We also were in the first tour, which began at 9:00. We had a great tour guide who added to our experience and was better able to explain some of the things we were seeing. At first we felt like we were the only ones there, but within an hour or two, it was very clear that we weren't! I was very glad we arrived so early as we were able to enjoy most of our visit without the distraction of the "crowd."

I'm also very, very thankful that we made it to Atlanta and back quite smoothly and without incident. We only had to turn around once, and that was when we took a wrong turn in the ABG parking lot!!

We love field trip days, and yesterday was certainly a nice one!


Anonymous said...

Cool field trip! What was your favorite thing. I've never been to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens. How would you describe it to someone in almost complete ignorance. I mean i know its about plants but thats about it.tammyp

Rhonda said...

They have different types of gardens: children's garden, Japanese garden, desert garden, rain forest, etc... The desert and rain forest are enclosed in a greenhouse-like structure, and they were interesting (although my hair did become quite frizzy in the rain forest!). They have water gardens also, which are quite pretty and I would assume basically any plant known to man can be spotted somewhere on the property. I'm not sure what my favorite was. The children definitely enjoyed seeing the frogs in the ponds, and there was also a demonstration with venus flytraps, which I liked. Very educational, pretty, and even somewhat relaxing as you stroll through the gardens. They'll be having another home school day in October.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Rhonda!!tammyp