Monday, June 30, 2008

I'm Losing One of My Titles Today!

As of today, I am not working as a medical transcriptionist! Of course it's always there in the background if I ever need it for some reason, but I don't think my little paycheck is going to be missed much around here. I began working as an MT in 1997 and worked until I took about 1.5 years off after Amelia was born in 2005. I started back in 2006 and have almost been at it again for two years. I don't have much to show for those two years, and I've often wondered if those times just weren't blessed as I'm not sure I ever went back to work for the right reasons in the first place.

Nonetheless, I feel wonderfully free this morning! I'm excited about coming up with a new morning routine - I've already learned that 6:30 is probably not early enough for me to get up and accomplish all that I want before the girls make their entrance. During the summer hours it should be fine, as I'm letting them sleep until around 9:00 - sometimes later if we have a late night. When school starts, they'll be up by 8:00, so I'll need to allow more time then.

I'm thinking of adding some extra time to walk the dog around the neighborhood to get some exercise for him and me (versus just around the yard, which is the usual morning routine). The girls and I (and the dog) normally like to take walks after breakfast or after lunch, but it's just too hot then, and therefore I'm not getting enough exercise right now. (Getting plenty of exercise really seemed to make a difference with L&D with my 3rd child.)

I'm also excited about finding ways to save more money (Brad and I recently finished reading Dave Ramsey's Money Makeover book, and now we're on a mission!), which should easily make up for anything we'll be feeling by me not working. For instance, I'll have more time to research coupons and plan the grocery trips/menus, so that is definitely another plus.

Overall, with MT out of the way and with the Lord's blessing, I believe I'll be able to be a better manager/keeper of our home, which I know without a doubt is my true calling!

As I'm doing this (blogging), I'm downloading a sermon on Biblical Femininity (which is our topic for our ladies Bible study this Wednesday night). I'll be adding that to my MP3 player so I can listen as I finish up my morning chores (cleaning the bathroom is all I have left!), and then I'll probably give that "walking the dog thing" a try.

Update on Madison's finger: We visited the orthopedic doctor on Friday afternoon, and he said that from the knuckle up, the bone is bent. It wasn't bad enough for a cast (thankfully!), so all she has to do is buddy tape it when she's active. The swelling is finally much better, and it looks like we're going to have a week off from softball, so that will be a big help also.


Rebecca said...

I'm so glad you feel free to pursue your true calling! I have recently gone through a period where I realized that, although I've been home for 9.5 years, I never really committed to being here. I thought I was a loser because I couldn't seem to accomplish as much as my work-at-home, take-their-kids-to-everything, super-volunteer homeschooling mom friends. Then, after a job that I thought was a perfect fit didn't come through, I realized that I am exactly where the Lord intends me to be, and the only improvements I need to make to my resume are becoming the best wife and mom I can be.

You're doing a great thing, Rhonda...congratulations1

Rhonda said...

Thanks for the encouraging words! You obviously know where I'm coming from.