Thursday, July 10, 2008

Apple Pie! Yum!!!

My friend Liz may not know it, but she created a monster when she brought her homemade apple pie to our fellowship meal last Sunday. It was delicious! - and she even brought some vanilla ice cream to go with it. I thought it was also the perfect complement to the 4th of July weekend - not too many things are more American than apple pie.

The problem is, I'm finding myself wishing I had an apple tree so I could make an endless supply of apple pies! That's not going to happen anytime soon, but I did visit some friends on Monday who had just been apple picking near their home. (I promise I did not know that ahead of time!) These very generous friends insisted I take some with me, and I'm sure you know what happened to those apples!

The above picture is my apple pie that I made using one of Tammy's recipes. It tasted great, and I was so thankful to find a homemade crust that actually works out well when using freshly ground whole wheat flour. In the past, the recipes I've found for whole wheat crusts have usually delivered a chewy crust. I prefer crispy, and that's what I got with her Foolproof Pie Crust. (I did cut the recipe in half since I was only making one pie, and I probably ended up using a bit more flour so it wouldn't be quite so sticky.) I highly recommend this recipe!

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