Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A Day at Our House

After reading Becky's blog, I thought it would be fun to document what a day looks like at our house. Not sure if it's typical (or if there is such a thing), but here's what today looks like:

6:00 - Alarm goes off.

6:15 - I slowly roll out of bed and make it to the living room for my daily Bible reading, currently reading Isaiah (unfortunately, I'm not understanding a lot of what I'm reading. This is not a book of the Bible that I've studied much before, so I think I need to do that in the future.) - Note that I'm thankful it's July, and I'm only one day behind according to my "Read the Bible in a Year Calendar."

6:45 - Pick up and put away clutter in living room and quick clean kitchen (thankfully there wasn't much to do since I actually had enough energy to clean up after supper last night!). Put a load of clothes in washer and dryer.

7:00 - Deep clean master bathroom and closet. The closet was in need of a good sweeping and putting away of clothes from the past few days.

7:30 - Iron Brad's shirt for work and fix his lunch and gigantic water jug.

7:45 - Turn on computer and check e-mail, etc.

8:00 - Mill wheat and make biscuits w/butter and jelly for breakfast. Continue computer time while they're cooking.

8:30-8:45 - Walk dog. Wake up Madison and Cari and eat breakfast. (I'm still letting them sleep in a bit as we're just getting off our summer schedule, and I'm trying to slowly wean them off. Plus, we're still a bit exhausted from quite a busy weekend - all day softball tournament on Saturday, church at our home on Sunday morning and Amelia's family birthday party on Sunday evening - all enjoyable of course, just a little tiring.)

9:00 - Girls are started on their chores while I get dressed and straighten my bedroom. Wash/dry/fold more clothes.

9:15 - Cari normally has to empty one level of the dishwasher but because of an episode last night had to do her sister's level as well today. I guess she was on a roll because she went on to reload the washer with the dirty breakfast dishes and wash in the sink the bigger stuff that I don't put in the washer - without being asked! Thanks, Cari! (I had to mention that in order to understand what happens next.)

9:45 - Now I'm ready to go downstairs and get their school work ready to begin. About the time I hit the last step, I hear what sounds like a waterfall on the other side of the basement (thankfully, the unfinished side). I was afraid it was the hot water heater, but then Cari came rushing down the steps and said there was a small flood in the kitchen.....

So, I go back upstairs (my legs are actually sore from the many times I've gone up and down those stairs the past two days!). Apparently, when she took the stopper out of the drain hole, the pipe beneath the sink separated from the drain, and all of the water that was in the sink ended up in the cabinet and onto the floor. I'm not sure how the basement was involved. The "positive" aspect of this: I guess I needed a good reason to clean out from under the kitchen sink....... We brought in towels and got the water out of the floor and then cleared out all the stuff from under the sink and dried it all off and then wiped down the cabinet floor. I re-attached the pipe to the drain, and it's not leaking, but I have a feeling that it needs something more. I have this feeling because the same thing happened a few months ago, and I forgot to ever mention it to Brad so he could look at it and see what it needed. So, Brad, if you're reading this, now you know. (Because I'm sure I'll probably forget by the time you get home today.) Then I put everything in its proper place and finally made it back downstairs.

10:00 - School work!

11:45 - We're hungry. Time to eat lunch - cheese pizza and garden fresh tomato sandwiches! Followed by popsicles. Clean kitchen, again. Wash/dry/fold more clothes - I save the putting away of the folded clothes for the mornings. They sit in stacks on top of the dryer until then.

12:30 - Back to the school work!

2:00 - School work is complete. I have to mention that the past two days have gone really well. I know it's only been two days, but I'm really enjoying this curriculum (My Father's World) so far. For the Bible and Geography lessons, the focus verse this week is John 3:16, and the lessons are on different people groups. Today, we made a poster with John 3:16 on it and used National Geographic magazines to cut out pictures of people who may need prayer (or representations of people groups that are need in prayer) and pasted their pictures around the verse. It was rather eye opening just looking at those magazines, and I think we all needed a reminder that some people live very differently than we do in other parts of this world, and they really need Jesus.

Madison is using Apologia Science this year and said this morning that she might actually like science this year! - she's usually a "history" girl.

Girls go outside and play/swim while I'm back and forth, inside and outside, and preparing supper in the crock pot - Chicken Fajitas.

2:30 - I need a nap, and so does Amelia, so that's what happens. Madison and Cari go to their rooms for reading time.

3:00 - Amelia is still napping. I just needed a power nap. Snack time of swiss cheese and crackers while I'm sitting here typing on my blog.

3:30 - Madison is baking cookies. Cari is laying down on the couch as she says she spun around too many times in the pool and has been nauseous ever since.

4:00 - Our contract is up with the real estate agent, so we're just going to do the By Owner thing for a few months so we can easily take it off the market in three months (if we need to) when the baby arrives. I made some flyers last week, so now I'm going to print several and put them in a "Take One" box that I purchased at Wal-Mart. Then I need to attach everything to the stakes (including the For Sale by Owner sign) and then go find a place in the yard to place them.

5:00 - Not a lot going on so I take time to read a few pages in a book I'm currently reading about the Bradley Method of childbirth. Girls are watching Food Network and/or playing in their rooms or downstairs.

5:45 - Get ready to take Madison to softball practice. We're having thunderstorms, so she'll just be going to the batting cages today.

6:15 - Brad got off early, so we meet up with him in town and he is able to take Madison to practice. Cari, Amelia, and I come home and eat supper and watch a movie.

8:00 - Everyone is home now, and there is lots of activity.

9:00 - Clean kitchen.

9:30 - Shower and get ready for bed.

10:00 - Goodnight!

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Rebecca said...

Thanks, Rhonda! That was really interesting -- and I'm glad I'm not the only one who power naps in the afternoons!