Thursday, July 3, 2008

Education from the Chiropractor

I'm now down to visiting the chiropractor once every two weeks. (I began with three times a week, then two times a week, then once a week, and now where I am now.) I was more than ready for my visit this week, which happened yesterday. I am now 22 weeks along in the pregnancy, and I'm beginning to feel the familiar lower back pain. But as I have been visiting the chiropractor, I am learning that it's not really the lower back that is the problem. In fact, in order to fix my back pain, he didn't touch my back! He worked on my feet and my neck!? Sounds crazy, doesn't it? But it worked. My left foot was the one with the big problem yesterday, and evidently that correlates with the right side of your body - usually with the hip, back, or neck. My neck happened to have a lot of problems on the right side yesterday. How interesting!

Evidently, I don't have much of an arch left in my feet. I never really paid attention to that until he pointed it out to me. He says that a lot of problems that people have with back pain are actually related to their feet - and I happen to fit that category.

So, after fixing my problem yesterday, he informed me that it will just keep coming back if I don't stop wearing those flip flops and sandals all the time! I should only wear shoes with arch supports. He also said I should avoid walking around with bare feet. But that's one of the benefits of summer, isn't it? I really don't function well inside the house with shoes on. I tried the Fly Lady trick of cleaning with shoes on - it only slows me down and also confuses my 2-year-old. She knows I only wear shoes when we're about to leave to go somewhere, so she's constantly asking, "where are we going?"

Looks like I have a choice - 1) listen to the chiropractor and only wear shoes with good arch supports - hopefully I can find some stylish shoes and won't have to visit the SAS store just yet - or 2) deal with the back pain. I guess option number one is the best choice.

At any rate, yesterday's visit was very interesting and informative. So, if you happen to be having some back or neck pain, take a look at your feet!

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Anonymous said...

Being a Chiropractor that specializes in chronic and difficult back pain conditions, I don't want to be the bearer of bad news but...

Your chiropractor is wrong. Going around with bare feet is how you are designed. Otherwise you would be born with shoes on - which I assume you weren't.

If you are having so much treatment then your back and neck pain should have disappeared and not returned.

There are so many things you can do at home to help your self and therefore spend less time and money seeing any type of therapist.

Back pain is actually very simple to fix - it is a combination of tight muscles, muscles with a reduced nerve supply (weak muscles) , a few spinal joints not moving correctly and pelvic imbalance. All things you can correct at home.

You should get out an enjoy summer - walk on a beach without shoes, feel the grass under your feet, walk in a stream with water going over your feet - all a great part of life.

You should be doing these pregnant or not ... without back pain. Find solutions that work and help your self remove the dependency on any one particular therapy.

Dr Graeme Teague
The Back Pain Advisor