Thursday, August 28, 2008

Biblical Femininity

I receive a daily thought via email from Revive our Hearts ministries (Nancy Leigh DeMoss). This is one that I received this week regarding the beauty of femininity. I agree that we do glorify God when we strive to be the feminine women that He created us to be. When I'm out and about, it is often rare to see women that truly display this character trait. Displaying Biblical femininity is not only an outside characteristic but also includes what's on the inside and how we conduct ourselves in conversations and actions. It's my desire to be more aware of this in my own life. Here's what Nancy had to say:

Nancy Leigh DeMoss: I remember watching the ladies' free skate program in a world skating championship a number of years ago. My ears perked up when I heard the commentator, Dick Button, talk about one of the performances. He said, "She's a very ladylike skater. She makes me feel very relaxed when I watch her." He was describing the beauty of femininity.

There's something engaging about femininity when it's truly lived out. When women are true women and men are true men, it can touch people in powerful ways. It reflects the order God intended when he created man in His own image—"male and female He created them" (Genesis 1:27).

You don't have to be a championship figure skater to display femininity. Could someone say of you, "She's a very ladylike teacher" or "a ladylike executive" or "a ladylike mom"? Whatever position or season of life you're in, you can glorify God by being a true woman.

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Anonymous said...

Great thought!! Iwear dresses quite a bit, when asked why i say that i believe i behave more like a lady when i do. Isn't that interesting. Thanks for helping us think about this femininty thing, it is so important these days when the lines are more blurred.tammyp