Thursday, August 21, 2008

Recent Photos

A few weeks ago, during Madison's last softball tournament, she fractured her right ankle while running to first base. If you're keeping up, yes, this made for our third trip to the orthopedic clinic this year. Hopefully, it was our last!

The following are Sunday morning photo ops:

When Amelia saw the above photo on the computer screen, she remarked, "I'm so cute!" Okay, we'll work on humbleness some other time. But I do have to agree!

Just another advantage of homeschooling...... Having a difficult school (math!) day? Take a break, go jump in the pool, and have a watermelon picnic!

And, lastly, here are some updated garden scenes....

I know I planted cantaloupe seeds, but for some reason this looks like a watermelon. I'm guessing that's normal.

I have some tomatoes making an appearance!

Is this what a cucumber is supposed to look like? I'm assuming it's not finished yet.


Angela McRae said...

Well, yes, she IS cute, and her sisters aren't exactly slouches either! Will the cucumbers be ready in time for me to make cucumber sandwiches Monday, or should I just go ahead and buy some?

Rhonda said...

I think I'd go ahead and buy some. I'm not sure what the outcome of these is going to be!

Anonymous said...

I love the idea of a picnic when things aren't goin so well, or wehen things are goin wonderful, or when things are just goin!! Good idea Rhonda!! Hope you are well.tammyp

Rhonda said...

Hi, Tammy, We're doing well. I hope you all are, too!