Monday, September 1, 2008

The Rome Braves

Another fun activity we enjoyed last week was going to a Rome Braves game last Thursday evening. They are a minor league team - I think single A. We enjoy these games so much more than the Atlanta Braves. The parking is not nearly as much of a headache, it's much cheaper, and no matter where you sit, it's a good seat. You do have to be careful where you sit because the stadium is rather small, and you never know where those foul balls are going to be hit. That makes me a little nervous, but it's still fun. We've always gone on a Saturday evening, so we were surprised to see that there were not nearly as many people there as usual. We sat a couple of rows behind the Braves dugout, and when we arrived at our seats, I felt like we were definitely in foul ball territory, but thankfully no balls ever even came close. I credit the many prayers I sent up after we sat down and were waiting for the game to start!

The girls had their picture made with Romey and Roxie. I think they made Amelia a little nervous as throughout the game she kept wanting to know where "that boy and girl" were. She would fly into my lap if she saw them getting close.

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