Thursday, October 16, 2008

Mission Accomplished!

Yesterday, the Lord blessed me with energy and motivation, and I was able to accomplish everything on my to-do list. Whether you know it or not, I appreciate your help, too! :>)

The changing out of the clothes and closet organizing definitely took the longest amount of time, but I am so happy to have that taken care of. I enjoy seeing before/after pictures, so I thought I would share some of mine.

Here's my bedroom with all the clothes scattered everywhere!

A couple of hours later....

Stored clothes have been boxed and put away in the attic (Note that not all of these were done yesterday - only a couple of the boxes were added.)

The closet is ready and organized (It actually looks better in person than in this picture.)

The consignment shop bags are ready -

As well as the bags for the donation box -

After a short power nap, I tackled the car. I didn't take pictures of that since I did say I would spare you those details. When I got all the stuff out of there, I realized it needed to be vacuumed, so I took care of that and then loaded up all the bagged clothes so I can drop them off today.

I started the packing of the hospital bag but began to draw a blank as to what I needed to pack. I've always had the "What to Expect When You're Expecting" book with all my other children, but somehow I failed to get a copy this time around. That was always where I got all my information, including what needs to go in the hospital bag. Without much effort, I found a list on the internet this morning, so I'll be continuing this task throughout the weekend as there are some things I'm going to have to purchase.

Thankfully, I had a quick supper planned of Sloppy Joe's and baked potatoes, so it was only a matter of minutes to prepare our meal last night, and I was able to get some other things accomplished while waiting for the potatoes.

I'm thankful that the plan worked, and now I'm thinking I should do this every day! Hmmm....While I'm thinking about it, what do I need to accomplish today?

-We have a short, local field trip this morning and will probably have lunch afterwards.
-Drop off clothes.
-Take Major to the groomer if they can fit him in today.
-When I get home, I need to catch up on my coupon clipping and get the grocery list ready for Friday or Saturday - whenever I can fit in the grocery shopping.
-Assign some school work. This will be a short school day since we have the field trip. We'll do makeup work tomorrow.

I think that's it. Doesn't sound too bad at all!

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