Wednesday, October 29, 2008

One Week!

Now I'm one week away from the official due date! There really haven't been any major changes. This past Saturday night the contractions were coming about every five minutes for around three hours, but the fact that I could sleep through them suggested it wasn't time to head to the hospital, and sure enough, they eventually fizzled out.

When I had my appointment with Dr. H on Friday, he told me to be sure and come in and see him if I go past my due date. I'm assuming we'll talk about inducing. The thought of pitocin is not really a good one, but I think that outweighs going nine days over and having another nine pounder! It's quite disappointing to go past the due date, so I'm hoping that doesn't happen.

In preparation for the big event, we've started condensed school days. The curriculum we use combines Bible, geography, science, and writing. It's sort of a unit study type program, and we reached the end of a unit this past Friday. I didn't really want to start a new unit with all that's about to take place, so I'm just having the girls do their math and grammar, and then we have daily Bible reading and Bible time with dad on our free evenings. I'm comfortable with this schedule as I did plan ahead for this by starting school in July, so I don't feel like we're getting behind. (On the subject of our curriculum, we've been studying and reading (read aloud) biographies on missionaries. Our first one was on Cameron Townsend, founder of Wycliffe Bible Translators. It was a joy to read about him and how he allowed God to use him in such a tremendous way. We just finished reading about Nate Saint a couple of weeks ago. When we started the book, Madison commented that it was so boring. As we reached the end, I had to read the last three chapters on the same day as she just had to know what happened! I had read Elizabeth Elliott's version of the story some time back, so I knew what was going to happen. I had to compose myself a few times before I was able to continue reading. After we finished the book, we got the DVD "The End of the Spear" from the library, which was a movie made about Nate Saint and the other missionaries that were with him. It was a little hard to watch at times and we probably wouldn't watch it again, but it is definitely one of my favorite missionary stories. As these missionary men were being attacked, they could have easily used the guns they were carrying to defend themselves, but they refused as they knew where they were going and they knew that the Auca tribe did not know who Jesus was yet. What tremendous love! I'll be looking forward to reading the next biography when we begin our regular schedule again when things settle down.)

Yesterday, I was given another surprise! We always have play day on Tuesday with our home school group. These women are such a blessing, and I enjoy the weekly conversation and encouragement. One of the moms invited the group to her home yesterday, and when we arrived, the girls and I were greeted with a "Surprise!" These wonderful moms blessed us with a baby shower, and we had a wonderful afternoon of food and fellowship!

That's about it for the weekly update. Time for my morning walk around the neighborhood!

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