Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Two Weeks!

With two weeks left until the official due date, I've reached the point where that's about all I can think about. With each contraction, I'm wondering if this is the beginning. I know this is normal and something that every woman does as she is approaching the due date - at least I always have!

I'm going to the doctor every Friday now, and this past week's visit revealed that I haven't gained any weight in three weeks. I was quite surprised by that as I definitely haven't cut down on the eating! But, she said that the baby is still measuring appropriately, so maybe I'm experiencing the best of both worlds? I have been continuing my morning walks and have actually been stepping them up a bit hoping to "make something happen." Maybe that has contributed to the no weight gain. ?

I've had a couple of baby showers and have received some really cute boy clothes. I haven't really been able to find that much over the past few months - there doesn't seem to be nearly as many boy things to choose from, but my friends were definitely able to locate some of the cutest outfits I've seen. He's going to be very well dressed!

My friends at church gave me a surprise baby shower. Remember the Bible study we were having a couple of weeks ago that I blogged about? When I arrived for the Bible study, I realized it was actually a surprise for me! On my "list" of things I most enjoy, a good surprise is way up at the top, and this was wonderful!

My childhood friends gave me a shower this past Friday night. I haven't seen most of them in several months, so it was fun to get together again.

Amelia had fun helping with the packages.

I have finished getting the hospital bag packed, the camera and camcorder are charged and ready to go, and the cradle is all set up for his welcome home. We still need to go get a new car seat, and hopefully we can fit that in this week. Otherwise, Brad may be going shopping while I'm in the hospital! That would be okay, though. He doesn't have to wait on a car seat to make his arrival!

As you're reminded, I would truly appreciate it if you would please pray for the L&D and for the baby. All my deliveries have been quite normal with no complications, but I don't want to take that for granted.

Another interesting note about my deliveries is that all three have occurred on Saturday afternoon, and the same doctor delivered all three. It just so happens that this particular doctor is on-call this Saturday.....


Angela McRae said...

And if you wait 'til Saturday, your sister will be most grateful because she will have JUST finished sending off the new magazine!

Rhonda said...

I'll keep that in mind! :>)