Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Why Am I Excited About the Upcoming Election?

Because it's the day before my due date! I absolutely cannot think of any other reason to be excited about November 4th. We do have a McCain political sign in our front yard, but am I wearing the t-shirt, displaying the bumper sticker, or planning a celebration party in case he wins? No. I'm not.

It's been difficult trying to decide what to do about this election. Obama is definitely OUT of the question, and our family slogan has been "anybody but Obama." A friend of mine made a statement the other day that made sense. She said something like "this election will determine whether our country continues to go downhill slowly or quickly." It's sad when all we have to choose from is "slowly" or "quickly."

John McCain is okay, and I like some of the things he has had to say - especially in the pro-life realm - but does his voting record back up all that he's saying. I'm not sure. And Sarah Palin seems like a wonderful lady, but like many others, I'm not sure women were created for such a position. I've read blog after blog and article after article on just that subject. I even read one blog that had over 200 comments on it - most of which could not be backed up biblically and seemed to have more of a world view. I received a daily thought from Nancy L. DeMoss this morning that sort of sums up the reason for that:

"I think we have all been influenced by feminism—all of us. Some of the ideas that we accept as truth and as standard ideas have not come to us through our study of Scripture but have just come to us through culture." Might I add that some of the ideas have even come through the modern-day church.

Out of all that I have read, Voddie Baucham seems to have had the best article on the subject. It's titled "Did McCain Make a Pro-Family Pick?" He was interviewed on CNN a few weeks ago after writing this piece. It is wonderful, and I think it took a lot of courage and boldness to say some of the things that he said.

Here's another good article: LA Times Front Page Highlights Concerns Over Biblical Problems with Palin Nomination

And I was very inspired by what the Botkin sisters recently posted on their blog: Why Sarah Palin Inspires Us

All that being said and read, I find myself wondering again if I should be voting for someone or something that I don't believe in just to help keep someone else out of the office.... Should I be finding out more about Chuck Baldwin? Would that be a wasted vote? Do I vote my conscious or just not vote at all? Oh, the dilemma.

Note: After posting this, God reminded me that He's in control of this election, not me. Talk about taking a load off! :>)

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