Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Weekly Update and Have you seen the movie Fireproof?

I've made it to 40 weeks! I had contractions from 10 p.m. until around 4 a.m. this morning. I almost called my mother around 3 a.m. to come sit with the girls while we headed to the hospital, but I was really tired and I really don't want to get there too early this time. So, I tried to go to sleep and was successful. When I awoke, they were gone. I'm still having a few this morning, so I'm hopeful they'll start back up.

At my doctor visit last Friday, I saw the doctor who always says I'm measuring small. She said I was measuring 35 weeks (the week before I measured 37 weeks), so she wanted to do an ultrasound to check on the baby. According to the ultrasound, the weight was estimated at 7 lbs. 7 oz. That's exactly what Amelia weighed when she was born, and I would really like to stay in that range this time, so I'm hopeful he'll be here real soon.

In other news, the girls and I went with my mother to see Fireproof last week. I loved it! This movie gave a clearer presentation of the gospel than you will get in some churches! If you haven't seen it yet, I would advise taking some tissues along.

Seeing Kirk Cameron also brought back some childhood memories. I should have been president of his fan club at one point. I had posters of him attached to my walls, and I used to tape Growing Pains and watch it over and over. I also remember going to Six Flags and seeing him in person when he made an appearance at the Crystal Pistol. Back to present day, I don't think they could have found a better person to play that part in the movie, and I've been very encouraged by his Christian witness in his adult years.

Yesterday, one of the other home school moms in our group was telling about a recent interview he gave that she saw. She told me something about the movie that I did not know. At the very end of the movie, he shares a kiss with his movie wife that you can see in the "shadows." She said that he had his real-life wife step in for that scene. I had been a little surprised by that particular scene, so I was very happy to hear what really happened. I thought that was just wonderful!

I'll definitely be purchasing this movie when it comes out on DVD, and I would also love to have the soundtrack. I really like the "While I'm Waiting" song. I think it's my own current theme song!


Angela McRae said...

Our mother went to a movie??? Have mercy! (And go have that baby! The election is over!)

Anonymous said...

Hey Rhonda,
I loved *Fireproof* for a variety of reasons, and such bravery from the makers to address some hard issues!! Am praying for you and baby. What a blessing to be adding to your precious family. tammyp

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!!!!!!! I just saw Angela's Blog!!! HE IS BEAUTIFUL!!!! I am way so happy for you all!!! tammyp