Thursday, January 15, 2009

She turned "13" on the 13th!

I am now officially a mom of a teenager, and I couldn't be happier. On one hand, of course it's hard to believe that I'm even old enough to have a teenager :>) and, yes, it seems like yesterday that she was just learning to walk. But, as far as 13-year-olds go, she's a great one. She's a beautiful young lady and is so much help to me. I hope and pray that she never has to, but I firmly believe that she could keep things going around this house if there was ever a need for her to - she's a great cook and baby sitter and when she's in the mood, she can clean house as well as anyone. She has a strong work ethic and tries to do her best at whatever she is doing. In spite of her parents' inadequacies, God has done great things in her life, and we're looking forward to seeing what else He has in store. She is certainly a blessing to this family, and we pray she has many, many more happy, healthy birthdays! We love you, Madison!

Madison and Dad showing off the new Longhorn caps on Christmas Day.

Madison's softball team had their end of the year party in December.
She received the MVP Award and Coach's Award. (Yes, she's also a Georgia Bulldog fan.)

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Angela McRae said...

Yes, she really is such a beautiful young lady in so many ways! I am definitely blessed in the niece and nephew department!