Wednesday, January 21, 2009

There's Something About Mary....

First of all, in response to Cindy's question, Yes, I was good and behaved well last night. :>)

In all honesty, it wasn't hard. Either that team was really bad or we were really good. We won 30-8, and there were no stressful episodes. It was a quick, non-eventful game. That's a good thing! But there was one heartwarming moment that I have to share.

There are 10 girls on Madison's team, and I believe Mary is the youngest. She's definitely the shortest. Much shorter. If you cut Madison in half, they'd be about the same height. That might be an exaggeration, but I'm sure I'm not far off. Mary is also the quietest member of the team. I'm not sure I've heard her say anything yet. With all that she has going against her, she is not letting it get in her way. With each game, we've seen Mary get more aggressive on the defense, and she's even taken a couple of shots at the basket. But as of last night, she had not yet scored a point this season.

Towards the end of the game (I can't remember if it was the 3rd or 4th quarter), the girls were coming down the court and Madison had the ball. She had the opportunity to try for that elusive three-pointer she's been after all season, but instead she looked to her left and saw that Mary was wide open. She passed the ball to Mary and encouragingly said, "Shoot, Mary!" Mary shot. The crowd was silent as we were holding our breath. The shot went in! Mary scored two points! The crowd was no longer silent. We erupted like we had just won the NCAA championship! All of Mary's teammates were ecstatic, and the coaches and girls on the bench were beside themselves. I looked over at Mary's mom, and saw her grabbing her cell phone. I know exactly what she was doing. Her husband also works for UPS, but he works out of Atlanta and rarely makes it to the weeknight games. I know she was calling him to share in the joy (just as I had done last week when I called Brad when Cari scored her first points - I can so relate to Mary's mom). Moments like that are priceless, and we all went home with a smile on our face. That's the way it should be!

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Angela McRae said...

Oh wow, that makes me more proud of Madison than if she'd gotten the three-pointer! Way to go!