Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Triple Coupon Update

The triple coupon trip was great! Before coupons, my total was $179. After coupons, it was $115 for a savings of $64!

In case you're wondering what sort of things one can get with triple coupons, here's a quick run down of some of the things I purchased:

Smuckers All Fruit Jelly $0.93 after coupons
Toaster Strudels $0.95
Powerade Zero $-0.22 (anything with a -, they paid me to take!)
Palmolive Pure + Clear $1.25
Campbell's Soup at Hand $0.18
Heluva Chip Dip $Free
Chex Mix $0.88
Skippy Peanut Butter $1.00
Minute Brown Rice $0.62
French's Onions $0.16
Pimentos $-0.17
Betty Crocker Supreme Brownie Mix $1.00
Betty Crocker Cookie Mix $0.97
Eggland's Best Cage Free Eggs $1.18
Ziploc Bags $0.53
Crescent Rolls $0.29
Domino 10X Conf. Sugar $0.23
Rotel $0.30
Daisy Sour Cream $0.48
French's Mustard $0.48
Puff's Tissues $0.25

There were other coupons I used, but these were the best. I think it would be a good idea for me
to continue to always carry my $0.50 or less coupons with me since Ingles always has double coupons, and I realized last week that they have a lot of unadvertised deals.

Triple coupons will be back in a few months, so go ahead and start your collection!

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