Friday, February 6, 2009

New Ideas for the New Year - #4

Okay, I'm finally getting the chance to post my last new idea for the New Year, and that is to continue to make our home a healthier home. For the past few years, I've slowing been implementing new ways to clean house, trying to eat healthier, etc. I think it's impossible (at least for me) to change everything at once, and it's a good idea to always to be researching and looking for better ways of doing things.

As far as the cleaning of the house, I've mentioned before that I use the white vinegar and baking soda for the majority of my cleaning. I'm very satisfied with this and won't be making any changes here. These are both natural deodorizers, and once the vinegar dries, there is no lingering scent. I've been looking at purchasing some essential oils to add a mild scent, but no scent at all is the next best thing.

I recently purchased some Seventh Generation cleaner to use in the kitchen, but I think that it works as well as the Shaklee Basic H that I was using. The Shaklee is much more cost effective, so I'll be sticking with that.

For doing the dishes, I've been trying some Planet Dishwashing Powder that I purchased at Ingles. I'm satisfied with the way it works, and it's nice to know we're not breathing in toxic fumes every time I run the dishwasher. For washing dishes in the sink, I've been trying the Palmolive Pure + Clear, and it's definitely a keeper. The ingredients are safe, and I'm comfortable using it without gloves if I'm in a big hurry and don't want to use up the 10 seconds it takes to put them on.

As for the laundry, I've been trying various products that appear to be safe and without perfumes, bleach, etc. I've never been picky about my detergent anyway. In fact, Tide and other strong smelling products like that give me a headache, so no perfume is fine with me. A friend of mine recently gave me a recipe for making laundry detergent (as well as dishwasher detergent). I've seen other recipes in the past that appeared like they were more trouble than they were worth, but this one seems doable. If it works, it would definitely be a money saver, too, so I may give it a try soon.

I also want to be more careful about what I'm putting on my skin (and my family's skin). I don't know if this is exactly how he says it, but Jordan Rubin says he doesn't put anything on his skin that he wouldn't put in his mouth and into his body. The toxic stuff in our lotions and potions can really cause chaos with our lymphatic system as it tries to filter out what we don't need.

Now, I don't want to start eating my makeup and lotions, but I think you know what he means. As I'm running out of what I already have, I'm trying to find safer products to replace it with. For instance, when I ran out of face powder recently, I purchased some Physician's Formula Organic Makeup Powder. It wears well, and the ingredients are simple and safe. I also picked up some Jason Vitamin E Organic Lotion at Ingles the other day, and it works well, too. I had to look through the lotions as so many of them had parabens even though they said "all natural" or "organic." Parabens are said to possibly mimic hormones in the body, so that is definitely something to stay away from. (Note that has the Jason products much cheaper than what I paid at Ingles.)

You may wonder why I would want to go to all this trouble. I know my time here on this earth is limited, and when God is ready to bring me home, it won't matter what I'm eating or not eating or what I'm using or not using. But, I also know that my body is a temple, and if I'm able to take better care of it, I should definitely be doing so. It may determine the quality of life that my family and I have in the meantime. Also, I might add that I'm not really doing any of this to "save the planet." I know we should take care of the earth that God has so graciously blessed us with, but my intentions with all this are to better care for myself and my family.

It's really not that much trouble anyway. The biggest challenge is the research and finding what works, and so far that hasn't been much of a challenge. I look at it as another way to live a simpler, more stress free life.

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