Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My Summer 2009 To-Do List

In order to have a more efficient school day, I think it's very important to have an organized home. At least that's the way it works for me. It has always been my policy to have all chores and rooms cleaned before beginning school each day. The more organized things are and with less clutter, the easier it is to do this. Also, when you spend so much time at home as we do, it's important to have inviting and pretty surroundings. So, in the midst of my regular daily chores, Bible study, child raising, gardening, rabbit care, softball playing, and hopefully some field trips and a lot of fun, here's my to-do list for the next two to three months. I'm not sure if I'll be able to complete all these, but at least I have a goal in mind, and that's definitely a start!
  • Clean out/re-organize all closets, cabinets, and drawers
  • Re-decorate mine and Brad's bathroom
  • Paint pantry and place decorative shelf liners
  • Paint and re-decorate Cari and Amelia's room
  • Spruce up school room - clean, organize, re-decorate
  • Move Brad's study/office downstairs and set up Matthew's room
  • Pressure wash and stain fence behind house
  • Stain front door and re-paint front porch railing

I'll try to update and post pictures as I progress.

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