Saturday, June 13, 2009

A Lazy Saturday

fg6yu87ythuythyyut5y5t5t4t4t4t4tr4refea - Amelia asked if she could type something, so I said "sure."

Now it's my turn. :)

Today, Cari, her friend Megan, Amelia, Matthew and I are just hanging around the house. Madison has a softball tournament in Paulding County, so Brad is with her. I decided a few days ago that I would stay home and avoid the heat, but today is actually cloudy and not too hot. ? If they have a game later in the evening, I may load up everyone and head that way since it's not too far. I love watching Madison and her friends play, and all the parents are great. We really have a good time together.

During my internet playtime this morning, I found a great article that voices my opinion on having children that I'd like to share. It's long but good. I've mentioned this blog before and find the words, as well as the photography, absolutely beautiful.

And here's a funny story I have to share. Last night, Madison and I were invited by one of her friend's and her mom to go to a Rome Braves game. They had great seats right behind home plate, so we were excited about going. After we sat down, a man and his son came and sat down right in front of us. He had his laptop with him as well as a radar gun. At one point, someone walked up and asked to have his picture made with this man, and he seemed happy to do so. Then someone asked for an autograph and later someone made a special effort to come shake his hand. Each time, we would look at each other like "who is this man?" He was sitting directly in front of me, and since I had Matthew with me, too, I was just hoping Matthew didn't spit up on this man's head or anything dreadful like that since he was obviously someone important. Not that I would want him to spit up on the head of someone not important, but you know what I mean. (Do all moms think like that?) We noticed he had a HUGE diamond championship ring on, and Madison was able to read the name written on the sides of the ring. So, as we were leaving, I called Brad and asked him to look up the name "Frank Wren" on the internet to see if he could find out who the man was. Turns out, he's the current Atlanta Braves general manager!!


Shannon McWhorter said...

It's always neat to run into "famous" people. My 2 yr old neice ran into Wolfman Jack's knee in a Texas airport. Remember him? Anybody? (crickets chirping) I also saw Telly Savalis of Kojak fame. Boy, I sure am dating myself. Oh well, with age comes wisdom, right? I'm so pleased for all involved that there was no vomit involved in the evening.

Shannon McWhorter said...

Thanks for the link to that article. I really enjoyed it!

Rhonda said...

You are too funny, Shannon! And yes, I do remember Wolfman Jack. I've often wondered if I've saw him as he seems to have many look-alikes!