Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Summer Project Followup

I'm slowly working on my to-do list. At this rate, I may never get it all accomplished, but that's okay. Every little bit helps!

So far, I've cleaned out all the cabinets, refrigerator/freezer, and drawers in the kitchen. I got the pantry walls painted and shelves covered in decorative contact paper. It looks so much better. The pictures may not reveal how much better the pantry looks, but I'll give you a glance at some before and after pictures.

Before: It still had the same paint color from when we first moved in 10 years ago (we've painted the kitchen twice since then!). The shelving had been moved at some point, and the resultant nail holes needed to be filled in a long time ago.


We've got most of the vinyl siding on the house washed. I hope to get the pressure washer out again next week and wash what I can reach on what is left and then wash that fence and get it stained.

Cari and Amelia's room has been cleaned out, carpet shampooed, and windows washed. No re-decorating yet.

Now that I've just typed all this out, I realized I've gotten more accomplished than I thought! I still have the rest of June and the month of July, so maybe I can tackle the rest of the list. July may be pretty busy, though. We have a possible week-long softball tournament in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, and we found out yesterday that Madison has got to have all four wisdom teeth removed. She's only 13! I was 20 when I had mine removed! We scheduled that for July, too, but I think we'll reschedule to August when things slow down a bit.

Before I wrap this up, I found a couple of other cute pictures when I was looking for the pantry shots.

My two hardworking men:

Silly Amelia:

Cari and one of the five baby rabbits that WE NEED TO GET RID OF!!!

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