Monday, June 15, 2009

Summer Shots

Brad and Madison went to the NCAA softball tournament at the University of Alabama to see the Lady Longhorns play. It's not often Texas gets this close to Georgia, so they took advantage of the opportunity.

I have two square foot gardens that I've been enjoying working with. We've been able to use the cilantro and spinach so far! The tomato plants are doing well, as well as the pickling cucumbers that I planted from the seed packets. The cucumber plants have lots of blooms now (this picture was taken a couple of weeks ago), and the tomato plants are getting taller quickly - I had better purchase some tomato cages soon. I didn't mark off the square feet like you're supposed to with a square foot garden, so my garden has imaginary lines. Maybe next season I'll remember to do that!

We had a fun time at Jumpin' Joeys in Carrollton with some friends...I think they were playing hide and seek at this point, and these were the lucky girls who made it to "base" without getting caught.

Madison playing softball....

Amelia had a very busy afternoon yesterday. She worked hard in the driveway writing with her sidewalk chalk, then dipping water out of her pool into a bucket and walking up the hill and washing off the chalk. This kept her busy for quite a while. Matthew was entertained just watching her. He obviously thinks she's hilarious.

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Angela McRae said...

It's so nice to see what y'all are up to when I can't be there to watch. Looking forward to seeing everyone on Sunday!