Thursday, July 2, 2009

Recipe Disasters

Last week, my sister wrote on her blog about her recipe disaster. It brought back a memory of one of my worst episodes.

We were at a home school swim party, and I had brought the ice cream freezer along to make homemade ice cream for the children to eat after swimming and eating lunch. I started it as soon as we arrived, but two hours later, two bags of ice later, and nearly a whole box of ice cream salt later, the ice cream was still no where near ready. A helpful dad had taken over my position at the freezer and was a bit bewildered himself. So, he took the motor off the top of the freezer and removed the lid to the canister to investigate. He immediately noticed what the problem was. I had forgotten to put the paddle into the canister!

I had another disaster last week, but thankfully ice cream was able to save the day this time. We had invited some friends over, but they were unable to make it (if you're reading this, you should be thankful you were unable to make it!). The main dish was grilled chicken, and evidently I didn't let the coals get hot enough or didn't use enough, but after what seemed like a very long time, I took the chicken off the grill thinking it was ready. But it wasn't. So, I threw it in the frying pan to let it finish cooking. Unfortunately, it still wasn't completely done when we finally sat down to eat it. Thankfully, though, no one later exhibited any evidence of salmonella.

I had also (successfully) made some homemade ice cream. When I realized the chicken was going to take forever, I asked "who wants dessert first tonight?" I didn't get any complaints about that!

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Angela McRae said...

Maybe it's genetic, then!