Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Seeking a Meek and Quiet Spirit - Part 2

As Tammy mentioned in her comment below, seeking a meek and quiet spirit is "a lifelong journey." Wouldn't it be great if we could just read a book, study all the scriptures on the topic, and be there? That's obviously not the case for me since I'm reading the book by Teri Maxwell for the third time! In my reading this morning, Nancy Leigh DeMoss made some good points regarding this:

We're not talking about moralism or self-correction or making ourselves something better than we are. We're talking about Christ who lives within us, who has paid the price for our sin and lives within us. By the power of his Holy Spirit, He pours His grace into our lives to make us something supernaturally that we could never be apart from Him.

There's no formula. Godliness is a process. Sanctification is a process. It's Christ in us who fulfills the righteousness of God in us.

....there are no shortcuts to godliness. It's day in and day out. Humbling ourselves. Acknowledging our need. Letting God form Christ in us.

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