Monday, September 14, 2009

The Parade

Waiting on the parade.....

The Mayberry Police Car that found its way to Georgia

Here they come!

Last Saturday morning, Cari and Amelia were in our town's fall festival parade. A couple of months ago, I had read in the paper that they were going to have an "old timers parade" in conjunction with the usual parade that comes through the town during the annual festival. It was the 125th anniversary, and they wanted people to dress up in 1800s-type clothing. I told Cari about it, and she was very excited about being a part of that and did not let me forget about it! So, I called up to the city hall on Thursday afternoon to see if they were still planning to do that. The lady at city hall told me she had not heard from anyone else but to still let Cari come dressed up, and that there would be a place for her somewhere. Amelia also wanted to be in the parade - she's up for anything that Cari is going to do. So, we got them all dressed up on Saturday morning and headed that direction. Brad had gone up earlier and ran into some friends of ours who were going to be in the parade in their antique car, and they offered to let Cari and Amelia ride with them. Cari and Amelia were very happy to do so, and it worked out wonderfully.

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Angela McRae said...

Wow! Cari sure looks like she is having fun, but Amelia looks a bit unsure about this stuff! Glad to see the photos!