Tuesday, September 15, 2009

What Christ Thinks of the Church

Nancy Leigh DeMoss is doing a thought-provoking series titled "His Message for the Church." Today's lesson was "What Christ Thinks of the Church." Very interesting. Here's a quote from today's program:

Today we don’t give a whole lot of attention to doctrine, and not many people really care about doctrinal purity, but Jesus does. He cared then; He cares now. He’s going to address some of our churches and some of our lives in saying, “You are being deceived. You are buying into things that are not biblically sound.” So He deals with doctrinal issues.

Then there are lifestyle or sin issues. These are believers that are being talked to—at least professing believers, and many of them true believers. There is, for example, in one church, widespread immorality that’s being justified. People are just winking at sin. They’re just overlooking it.

Does that sound like anything we might hear Jesus say to the church today?

There are other churches where they are turning God’s grace into a license to sin. “We can do that because we’re not under law, we’re under grace.”

Does that sound like anything you might hear in the 21st century church?

Jesus deals with these issues. He points them out. He’s very specific and pointed, and He says, “You must repent of these sin issues.”

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