Tuesday, October 20, 2009

What's Going On Around Here?

Just a few updates under various subjects:

Madison just finished with fall softball. They had two tournaments, two weekends in a row. With basketball soon approaching and fall vacations, that is all they could fit in for this season. They moved up to the 14 and under bracket, and I think they did very well for their first experience with this age division. They won a few, and the ones they lost were mostly by one point - no more than two or three. The coach held tryouts several weeks ago and half of the girls are new to the team. I think we've ended up with a great team, and all the girls seem to have good attitudes, which Madison's coach is very BIG on. On the team, we have girls from different schools - Bremen, Haralson County, Cedartown, Mt. Zion, and of course our one lone homeschooler. I was curious to see how they would all mesh together, and of course it takes a little time for the girls to get used to each other, but I think they're going to be a good fit. I'm looking forward to their spring/summer season. In the meantime, we have basketball season fast approaching. Madison will be playing for a Christian school, and I'm hopeful that Cari will be able to also. I have about two weeks left before the deadline for rec. ball, so I have to make that final decision soon. Cari just wants to play for whoever starts first. She is so ready to play she says.

We've finally figured out our curriculum for this year, and I feel so much better and not nearly as stressed as at the beginning of the year. We're using CLE for reading. We'll continue to use their spelling and Bible until the workbooks run out that I ordered, and then we'll use something else. I went back to Easy Grammar for Madision and Easy Grammar and Daily Grams for Cari. The CLE grammar was just way too difficult. At one point, I had thought we would stick with it and muster through somehow, but obviously I wasn't thinking clearly. I had it in my mind that we needed to stick with it in order to properly prepare them for college (if through much prayer and seeking God's will they find it necessary to attend college). Then I got out my English/Grammar book that I used in college (one of the few books I saved), and it was nowhere near as complex as what we were doing in 8th grade grammar! So, that was my permisson to dump it and go back to what we used before! We switched to All American History for both girls. We had used this in the past but only made it halfway through, so we're continuing on with the second half. Madison had actually requested to do this as she really likes that curriculum. I like it, too. I switched Madison back to Apologia Science, and Cari is staying with the CLE science.

But for this week, we're having a relaxed learning week. We're studying Autumn and various aspects of it. We have workbook pages, things we're watching on the computer, fall recipes to make (we're making caramel apples today!), nature walks, and we're planning a field trip tomorrow to a pumpkin farm. Cari is very excited about this. She could absolutely do school like this all the time. Who knows, she might would learn more this way!? Maybe I should listen to and try to take to heart what Dr. Ruth Beechick says ~~ Homeschooling naturally is natural. Don't work too hard on making it artificially schoolish. I'm working on it.


Matthew is 11 months old now! I can't believe we'll soon be celebrating his first birthday! He has been so much fun to have around, and I'm so thankful that he is here. I never imagined having four children but now can't imagine not having four. It saddens me to think what we would have missed! And what are we missing yet? Hmm.... That's a whole other discussion right there! Back to Matthew ~ he's standing alone and has taken a tiny step on his own but no official walking yet. I remember "coaching" Madison with her walking, but with number four, I am in no hurry to see him walking. It is totally up to him and when he's ready. He has three teeth now - finally. We didn't think he was going to have teeth for a while, but they all came in at about the same time. He LOVES to eat, so that was a huge plus for him in getting to try new things. He has started smiling with his nose all wrinkled up, and I love this photo I took of him in the bathtub the other night. He was taking his first bubble bath, but I could hardly get him to stay sitting down long enough to show the bubbles! He likes to stand, that's for sure. I have to eat with one hand, feed him with that same hand, and hold on to one of his legs with the other hand to keep him seated in his highchair during meal time. He has even figured out how to wiggle out of the highchair seatbelt. He's quite proud of himself - you can just tell.

Amelia has so many cute things that she says. I really need to write them down or put them on here more often so I won't forget. Because I know I will if I don't. Last week, she found a tiny shirt and said, "Mommy, you know what this goes to? It goes on my Hot Pocket." I was thinking "What?" I turned around and looked. I said, "I think you mean Polly Pocket." Obviously, food gets more attention than toys around here!

Please...someone come get those rabbits. Seriously, that is part of our prayer time every day. Lord, please send new families for these rabbits. We're very anxious for Him to answer that prayer!

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