Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I Shall Return....

I've been wanting to post pictures of our recent trip to Texas, but it seems I've hardly had any spare moments here lately. I'm sure most of you can relate. To prove my point, here's what yesterday looked like.

Got up early and did my medical transcription (my part-part-time job), took a break to fix Brad's lunch and send him off to work, and then back to finish medical transcription. Upstairs to fix breakfast and personal Bible devotion. Got some clothes washing and then time to wake up the girls. Ate breakfast and did a few chores and started getting everyone dressed for the day. Back downstairs for school time until lunch time. Fixed lunch and had an impromptu picnic in the neighbor's yard (since they weren't home and Amelia and Cari thought it looked like a nice place for a picnic). Afterwards had a little play time outside and then time to feed the rabbits. Back inside to clean up the kitchen and then start putting supper together. Finished just in time to finish getting dressed, get Matthew dressed for pictures, and then shuffle everyone out to the car. Took Madison to basketball practice in Roopville. Dropped her off and turned around and headed back to Wal-Mart to have Matthew's one-year pictures made. Afterwards, looked at shoes for the girls to try to get some ideas and sizes for Christmas. Grabbed a snack and then headed back to Roopville to get Madison. We then headed home where I popped supper in the oven and finished cleaning up the kitchen. Time to eat. Afterwards, we had to go back downstairs to finish our history and reading and also for Bible time with Dad. Then back upstairs to clean up the kitchen again. Next I put on my PJs and collapsed on the couch while simultaneously watching Jon & Kate Plus Eight on TV and Matthew trying to keep up with Cari and Amelia in the living room. I finished the night by trying my best to stay awake while rocking Matthew to sleep. He went to sleep quickly, and I promptly followed.

I enjoy days like that - when I feel like I've earned my sleep. But, too many days like that in a row is not a good thing. Today is looking pretty similar except Madison actually has a game this evening in Roopville, so we'll be away from home for a longer period of time. I just wanted to update my blog real quickly before I got going this morning, and maybe I'll get those vacation photos on here soon. For now, I better get off of here and get busy!

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